The Ugly Side Of Fast Fashion

Textile waste in Niigata Prefacture, Japan (c) kiwa dokokano, CCBY 2.0 In the early 2000s, something changed the fashion industry forever. For most of history, buying new clothes was not a weekly thing, and garments costed more on average. However, the introduction of fast fashion into the … [Read more...]

Are Organic foods healthier?

You may have heard more on people starting to switch over organic foods only. I know I have, and my family is starting to transition too. Personally, I have never felt a difference during the process of the switching, which made me wonder, are organic foods beneficial? What is organic food? Organic … [Read more...]

An encounter with an Octopus

                       A few years back my family and I took a road trip to Ucluelet.  It was an extraordinary experience that left me with a bigger appreciation for nature and its creatures.  Next time you visit the area I recommend a trip to their touch and feel aquarium.                       … [Read more...]

The Down Syndrome

As my biology class is now going over meiosis - a type of cell division - and talking about the inheritance of chromosomes, the down syndrome was mentioned and the class broke into a discussion about it. This stimulated some interest in me so I did some research to know more about this … [Read more...]

The Science Behind Sunburn

Sunburn may just seem like red skin with a sting, but it is actually much more detrimental. Most don't realize sunburn means the skin has been damaged severly since sunburns are actually considered first (or in the case of blistering/peeling, second) degree burns. How Does the Sun Actually Harm the … [Read more...]

An Overlooked Healthcare Problem

The field of medicine is rapidly evolving. We are constantly developing technological advancements that better allow us to save lives. However, there are still several areas that we can improve independent of technology. I want to be a doctor someday, and while I was doing research on the field … [Read more...]

what is an API

Have you ever read someone else’s math work but not understand what you just read? Well in programming, similar things also happen. For example, where you read someone else’s code, you might not always understand what they are trying to do. This can drastically harm a project since you have no … [Read more...]

Micro-plastics? Harmless?

Every two years, the Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network organizes the Do It Green conference. Along with other BYSN members, I plan workshops to promote a more sustainable future in the community. This year's conference revolves micro-plastics and their effects on the environment. At first, I did … [Read more...]

The Dozenal System: Part One-The Base of a Number System

When I was a kid, first learning how to count, the most natural and obvious method, as well as the one taught is to use your fingers, of which most humans have 10. Once you master the ability to count beyond 9, you run into an issue, you are out of fingers. At this point, you close your hands, and … [Read more...]

Microplastics – A Not So Micro Problem

In 2015, humans worldwide produced roughly 322 million tonnes of plastic.  That's more than 2014, 2013, or any other year.  Even with recent efforts to regulate waste, a lot of this plastic is bound to get thrown away into natural environments.  Plastic biodegrades very difficultly, so we end up … [Read more...]