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The Dvorak Keyboard

I was researching a new USB keyboard to get for my computer when I stumbled upon something rather weird. I am switching keyboards because my current one can be rather uncomfortable, and I came upon a solution to that problem: a Dvorak keyboard. This is a keyboard with a different layout … [Read more...]

Why do we get Nervous?

Today is testing day for me. My cycling club has set up a nice area for us to basically do the beep test on a bike. Every three minutes the wattage will increase by 25 until I break down and cannot continue. I am extremely nervous for this. My stomach hurts and I feel light headed but why is this? … [Read more...]

InSight’s Landing In Sight

Yeah, It's another space post. Mars InSight Rover (c) NASA, Public Domain Yes, It's another space post. Again. I promise I can write about other things — but things in space are just so cool, it's hard not to! This week — on Monday, November 26th — NASA's InSight Lander (standing … [Read more...]

Late Night Snacking Can’t be bad! Or Can It?

Sporkman Craving (c) KatrinaTheLamia CC BY-SA 3.0 Let's admit it. We have all gone through this before. You are laying down on the sofa watching your favourite T.V. show, but suddenly, you are craving for snacks. You try to resist, but the food is only steps away from your reach! The … [Read more...]

Do sounds make you high? The reality of I-dosing

Sound© LuisLima89989, CC BY-SA 3.0 Introduction What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about someone getting high? Likely some street drug right? Maybe it is time to tweak that a bit. Today, let's set that aside as there is a new drug making its way into this world: Binaural … [Read more...]

How was Earth Proven to be Round?

The planet Earth is a sphere. This is a common fact for you and me. However, what makes me wonder is, how did people back in time prove that Earth has a spherical shape when they had no aid of technology such as satellites to provide measurements and data? With this question in mind, I briefly … [Read more...]

Cornering on a Bike- Where is the point of no return?

I love cycling and as an elite cyclist I have to corner lots at high speeds. I am definitely more nervous about sliding out (the tires slipping causing the bike to slide out from under you) when I hit a turn at full speed but when do I need to be so worried? What is the actual point where a … [Read more...]

Spill the beans about coffee!

Chevanon Photography I have a confession to make. As I sit here typing my blog post, I'm half sipping my cup of coffee. But how bad is caffeine addiction really? It helps me stay up late to finish an assignment, it gives a good boost before my soccer game.  According to the … [Read more...]

Should we All Take Vitamin Supplements?

Vitamin Supplement Tablets (c) Ragesoss, CC BY 2.0 When I'm in a pharmacy, I sometimes get nosey and look into customers shopping baskets to see what they are buying.  One of the products that I notice fly off the shelves the most are vitamin supplements. Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, … [Read more...]

What are the long term effects after a concussion?

A diagram on the forces on the brain in concussion (c) Patrick J. Lynch (CC BY 2.5 CA) Concussions are traumatic brain injuries that disrupt your brain functioning.  They 're usually caused by an extreme hit to the head or anything that could cause your brain to shake. This topic … [Read more...]