My Ongoing Quest to not talk about Quantum Mechanics in Social Studies

Whenever someone asks me what my favourite class in school is, I usually say Math or Science. I enjoy these courses so much because everything I learn is something that can be verified as true or not true, simply by testing it. I enjoy the repeatability of these subjects because I can usually independently verify what I am learning. However, I can’t do this with all of my courses, such as History. I have no way to verify any information and am left trusting others.

No matter, how credible they are or seem, even if they are first-hand sources, I know there is an incredibly slight chance, all of the information could be fake. However, my distrust in History only increased more when i heard about the many world interpretation of quantum mechanics, and the closely related many histories theory.

The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics basically states that there are multiple universes that all exist in parallel with each other. In most other interpretations of quantum mechanics, at some point, the superposition of the object collapses into one position for observation. In the many worlds interpretation, there just becomes a new world for each of those possibilities. This image demonstrates what this is like for the Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment:

Many-Worlds Interpretation (c) Christian Schrim
CC0 1.0

The many histories approach is similar but suggests that because of quantum physics, it is possible that there are many possible histories that could all lead to the current present. For example, the cat could have died at multiple different times during the experiment, and all of those lead to the same present, in which the cat is dead.

Applying this to my history class, there are a large number of histories that could lead to the present. With this, I have even less of any guarantee that what I am being told is true. Anytime I get a date or historical figure wrong, I am always temped to mention the alternate histories approach, and talk about how it is entirely possible that i am correct, but so far, I have not yet.


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