What happens to your body when you pull an all nighter?

Tired Student (c) by CollegeDegrees360  (CC BY-SA 2.0) If you went to school, you may have had to pull an all-nighter at least once in your life, whether it was to study for that big test or complete the project you left to do until the night before it was due. We all know that pulling … [Read more...]

Why Are Bees Dying?

Have you noticed the dwindling umber of bees in Vancouver over the past few years? Just in my lifetime, I have watched the number of bees that populated my small, but luscious garden decrease. I used to be scared opening my gate, with lavender bushes filled with honeybees pouring over our walkway. … [Read more...]

The Truth Behind Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses (c) BPW, CC BY-SA 3.0 As a kid, I was always proud of having a 20-20 vision. However, my vision began to worsen in grade six and I started to wear glasses. My optometrist suggested me to wear them temporarily, but, I eventually grew to wear them permanently. Now, I am … [Read more...]

Elevation Athletics

Bronwen Rees- Wiedemann Athlete, Running Long Jump.© Eadweard Muybridge CC0 1.0 Have you ever heard of athletes travelling to the location of an important competition early to adjust to the altitude? Do you know why training on a high mountain is so much more difficult than at sea level? … [Read more...]

Where the Comfort of Comfort Food Comes From

Original Mac n Cheese (c)Texasfoodgawker, CC-BY-SA-4.0 Last week, the first quarter of school drew to an end. To the unsuspecting student, the end of the quarter might appear to be a friendly checkpoint for how far we've made it into the school year. Do not be fooled; friendly is but a mere … [Read more...]

Will We Be Talking With Robots Soon?

Synthesized speech systems (the artificial creation of speech with a computer) have existed for decades. Computerized voices like Apple's Fred and Siri are instantly recognizable, because they sound robot-like and not quite human. This is because these voices are created by computer programs … [Read more...]

The Terror of the Sea Angels

Clione of Shinagawa Aquarium (c) Toshihiro Gamo (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Undoubtedly you may have heard about the transparent, heavenly sea angels. With their flapping wings and strange glow, they are the exact picture of Angels in the deep.  When I was younger, I would stay at this specific tank … [Read more...]

Annabella: About Me

Why FSL?  Because I love math and sciences this program seemed like lots of fun. I'm not sure yet what field I want to go into (maybe engineering) but I love that FSL exposes us to the various job possibilities that I may not know of otherwise.  I also love learning so while … [Read more...]

Stephenie L.

Sentinel Senior Girls Volleyball Team (c) Kerith Paterson, CC BY-NC 4.0 Hello. I’m Stephenie Liew, a Grade 11 student at Sentinel Secondary School who enjoys art and volleyball. I find myself involved in science all the time. Regardless if it is the robotics experience that I had at a young … [Read more...]

Earth spins really fast. Why aren’t we all dizzy?

A view of our planet from space. (c) Tesseract2, CC BY 2.0 The Earth rotates at a speed of roughly 465 km per second, meaning it's already spun you around over 3 km by the time you get to this part of my sentence.  After hearing this, you might be thinking: if the earth is spinning so … [Read more...]