How Stressed Do You Have To Be To Suffer A Stress Fracture?

This winter I suffered from a stress fracture in my foot. I was right in the middle of an important time for field hockey athletes filled with tryouts and University ID tournaments. This injury crept up on me because wounds, specifically broken and cracked bones, are typically caused by traumatic … [Read more...]

Will we “Dye” from Textiles?

Indian Pigments (c) Dan Brady CC BY 2.0 I remember my parents always taught me to sort our clothes into dark and light piles before doing the laundry. Eventually, this became common sense. It is obvious we need to separate the colours otherwise the dark clothing would stain the white ones. This … [Read more...]

Can earbuds damage your ears?

earbuds and phone (c) by GillyBerlin (CC BY 2.0) Every time I'm on my phone, I always have my earbuds in, whether its to listen to music or watch a video. If you're someone like me, you may have had your parents tell you to stop using them because you're "going to go deaf when you are old". My … [Read more...]

My friend, the Wolphin

Baby wolphin by pinhole (c) Mark Interrante, CC BY-SA 2.0 Last summer, I was fortunate to go to Hawaii.  One of the most memorable highlights was the trip to the Sea Life Park.  It was there that I met Keikaimalu (“from the sheltered ocean”). She is the world’s first known … [Read more...]

The Dozenal System: Part Two- Why 12?

In this part of my blog series on the dozenal system, I will talk about the advantages that the dozenal system has over the decimal system. Before reading this I suggest reading the last part of the series here. In our day to day life, we only use numbers to do 4 simple things. Add, subtract, … [Read more...]

Galinstan: The Next Best Thing to Mercury

The Weirdest Metal on Earth Mercury escaped from a broken thermometer, By Tavoromann, Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) In the Periodic Table, element number 80, known as mercury is really weird compared to other metals. Mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature, … [Read more...]

The Ugly Side Of Fast Fashion

Textile waste in Niigata Prefacture, Japan (c) kiwa dokokano, CCBY 2.0 In the early 2000s, something changed the fashion industry forever. For most of history, buying new clothes was not a weekly thing, and garments costed more on average. However, the introduction of fast fashion into the … [Read more...]

Are Organic foods healthier?

You may have heard more on people starting to switch over organic foods only. I know I have, and my family is starting to transition too. Personally, I have never felt a difference during the process of the switching, which made me wonder, are organic foods beneficial? What is organic food? Organic … [Read more...]

An encounter with an Octopus

                       A few years back my family and I took a road trip to Ucluelet.  It was an extraordinary experience that left me with a bigger appreciation for nature and its creatures.  Next time you visit the area I recommend a trip to their touch and feel aquarium.                       … [Read more...]

The Down Syndrome

As my biology class is now going over meiosis - a type of cell division - and talking about the inheritance of chromosomes, the down syndrome was mentioned and the class broke into a discussion about it. This stimulated some interest in me so I did some research to know more about this … [Read more...]