Interchanges: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Part 1 of 2: Service Interchanges. Parclo Interchage in Ontario (c) Google Landsat / Copernicus, used under Google Maps' attribution guidelines When highway design works well, it's not something you notice. The roads take you where you want to go, and that's the end of your experience. … [Read more...]

what is an API

Have you ever read someone else’s math work but not understand what you just read? Well in programming, similar things also happen. For example, where you read someone else’s code, you might not always understand what they are trying to do. This can drastically harm a project since you have no … [Read more...]

The Virtual Pop Diva

Chances are, you have seen a picture of a girl in mint green hair tied in a twin tail with a headset. No? Well, I will simply move on with the assumption that Hatsune Miku will ring a bell. (No, really, I have no idea what that means.) Or you might have heard of the virtual pop singers who can … [Read more...]

Making Your Own 360 Camera

With the rise of 360- video, you can find many different types of cameras and lenses in stores everywhere but have you ever considered making your own camera? There exist many different types of ways to create a 360-degree camera but the easiest way is to use a parabolic mirror. An example of what … [Read more...]

Wheels of the future

Now, you all may be familiar with the standard setup for wheels on the car, four wheels in total, with two on each side of the car. But, there is another type of wheel which can allow for more than just forward and backwards motion. Wheel © Naichen Zhao As seen above, these wheels … [Read more...]

A New Type of Airplane

When you think of an airplane, you might picture an airplane similar to the one below. However, some individuals from MIT) have developed a new type of airplane which can fly without using any moving components. Condor (c) Charles Regina CC0 1.0 How do Most Planes Work? For most … [Read more...]

The Dvorak Keyboard

I was researching a new USB keyboard to get for my computer when I stumbled upon something rather weird. I am switching keyboards because my current one can be rather uncomfortable, and I came upon a solution to that problem: a Dvorak keyboard. This is a keyboard with a different layout … [Read more...]

InSight’s Landing In Sight

Yeah, It's another space post. Mars InSight Rover (c) NASA, Public Domain Yes, It's another space post. Again. I promise I can write about other things — but things in space are just so cool, it's hard not to! This week — on Monday, November 26th — NASA's InSight Lander (standing … [Read more...]

Will We Be Talking With Robots Soon?

Synthesized speech systems (the artificial creation of speech with a computer) have existed for decades. Computerized voices like Apple's Fred and Siri are instantly recognizable, because they sound robot-like and not quite human. This is because these voices are created by computer programs … [Read more...]

Button up, button down – Elevators aren’t as simple as dress shirts! As a child meandering in her own imagination, I remember getting super excited to enter a machine which would wave me to and from space. Around the age of six, I recall hitting the top button in the elevator. I closed my eyes and … [Read more...]