Can you be an Elite Athlete and Vegan?

I am not vegan or vegetarian though admire people that are. Whenever I think about switching my lifestyle up I am surrounded by the question of how will I get enough nutrients. The biggest nutrient that vegan diets can potentially lack is protein- which can hinder muscle development. Vegan … [Read more...]

Is Fresh The Best?

Plant Fruit Berry (c) PXHERE CC 1.0 I have always had a preconception fresh vegetables and fruits are the healthiest options. Though I never really questioned this, I mainly tried incorporating fresher options into my diet. However, through taking a foods course, I learned canned and dried … [Read more...]

I Give *hic* Up

I once read an online post wondering how long it would take the human race to realize that hiccups had been eradicated from Earth. While it prompted a lot of interesting discussion among my friend group, it sadly doesn't seem to be a very plausible reality. I say this because I had hiccups not once, … [Read more...]

How do athletes improve?

As an elite cyclist I am constantly asking myself the question of how I can get faster and fitter. There are thousands of fitness plans on the internet that plan to get you as an athlete faster but one thing they all have in common is recouvery. When you exercise it stresses the muscles to the … [Read more...]

Main Components of the Human Blood

T&E Science Club (c) Stephenie Liew, CC-Zero Blood is obviously essential to everyone’s living - we can’t live without it. Recently, I’ve had an opportunity to visit CBR, the Centre of Blood Research at UBC on a field trip with my club. We met research scientists and found out what they were … [Read more...]

Trees talk!

I love spending time in the forest. Trees stretching above and around me fills me with a sense of contentment and wonder. How did these trees grow to be their adult selves, towering testaments to botanical strength?  To learn more, I am reading “The Hidden Life of Trees” By … [Read more...]

How Does Deodorant Work?

Nobody wants to smell bad, but puberty can make that hard for some teenagers. That's why for high-schoolers, deodorant is a very important product. There are stick types, spray-ons, powders, and roll-ons. Some need it more than others, but the majority of us have one anyway. Everytime I see these … [Read more...]

How Stressed Do You Have To Be To Suffer A Stress Fracture?

This winter I suffered from a stress fracture in my foot. I was right in the middle of an important time for field hockey athletes filled with tryouts and University ID tournaments. This injury crept up on me because wounds, specifically broken and cracked bones, are typically caused by traumatic … [Read more...]

Can earbuds damage your ears?

earbuds and phone (c) by GillyBerlin (CC BY 2.0) Every time I'm on my phone, I always have my earbuds in, whether its to listen to music or watch a video. If you're someone like me, you may have had your parents tell you to stop using them because you're "going to go deaf when you are old". My … [Read more...]

My friend, the Wolphin

Baby wolphin by pinhole (c) Mark Interrante, CC BY-SA 2.0 Last summer, I was fortunate to go to Hawaii.  One of the most memorable highlights was the trip to the Sea Life Park.  It was there that I met Keikaimalu (“from the sheltered ocean”). She is the world’s first known … [Read more...]