Do sounds make you high? The reality of I-dosing

Sound© LuisLima89989, CC BY-SA 3.0


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about someone getting high? Likely some street drug right? Maybe it is time to tweak that a bit. Today, let’s set that aside as there is a new drug making its way into this world: Binaural beats a.k.a. digital drugs.

What are they?

What is this so-called binaural beats? Well, binaural beats are audio recordings that have different frequencies of sounds (low and high) exerted into your left and right ear when stereo headphones are used. An example is that your left ear receives a sound frequency of 240hz while your right only hears 220hz. They are used for relaxation, meditation and boosting concentration and creativity thus reinforcing your brain and this is what’s called I-dosing. It is breakthrough technology you can try anytime and anywhere and has similar effects as ASMR, if used properly. Try one here.

Unfortunately, humans have taken advantage and modified this product into a much more sinister one. It has a separate and informal name called “digital drugs“. Based on binaural beats, they are to act like drugs. With several frequencies of sounds combined into one audio recording, digital drugs imitate the high feeling you get from drugs. Some people who try it even get addicted. This is probably why they have “drugs” in their name.

The consequeces and side effects

The problem with I-dosing is that your brain is confused by all the different sound frequencies which can lead to many negative side effects on your body. My friend once listened to a recording for around 30 seconds. After a couple minutes, he began experiencing a huge headache. This is just another reason to be responsible when selecting binaural beats. I will not include a link this time as digital drugs are atrocious. However if you are considering trying it, do it at your own risk!

In conclusion, I highly recommend binaural beats and I-dosing if you are in need of minor relaxation and stress relief. Recently, I began listening to some beats I found online and they have helped me cope with stress. Needless to say, it is critical to set a time limit for yourself to avoid unnecessary health problems. This especially applies to digital drugs as they can do the exact opposite of what is expected. HAPPY I-DOSING!

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