Mosquitos: Deadly or Helpful?

A few days back, I was looking through my family’s photo album of our 2010 trip to India. Alongside, the vivid memories of visiting my extended family and the bumbling city, I remembered how mosquitos were practically everywhere and the amount of itchy mosquito bites I got from my trip. Determined to find out more […]

How Medically Accurate is Grey’s Anatomy?

The well-known TV drama, Grey’s Anatomy, is, without a doubt, incredibly successful. Currently, 15 seasons strong, Grey’s Anatomy continues to be one of my favourite binge-worthy shows. The show takes place in a hospital and is about a group of interns and their journeys towards becoming doctors. Grey’s Anatomy is famously known for its drama […]

Bee Population – What’s the Situation?

A rapid declination in the world’s population of bees began in the late 1990’s. In the United States, there was a loss of 40% of commercial honeybees since 2006. Wild bee’s (for example, Mason bees) numbers also in decline, and they are also vital t o many ecosystems and to human food production because they are […]

Sarah Cader

Sarah is a Grade 12 student at Lord Byng Secondary School. During her free time, she loves to draw, play video games, and listen to music. Sarah is incredibly excited to get practice doing the kind of hands-on research that is rarely an opportunity in high school science. She’s eager to learn applicable real world […]

Glaciers: An Endangered Species

Glaciers: An Endangered Species Over the summer, I received the really unique opportunity of getting to learn about and explore the Asulkan Glacier in British Columbia’s Glacier National Park.  The expedition gave me the chance to learn about one of the most highly discussed landmasses when it comes to climate change and global warming: glaciers. […]

Fawzan Hussain

Fawzan Hussain, a SHAD 2018 Fellow, enjoys volunteering his time within his school community through the Fraser Heights Student Council, IT Club, MakerSpace, Free the Children Club and the Environment Club. Fawzan Hussain enjoys competing in national and regional science fairs and participating in the Fraser Heights Model United Nations Club where he improves my […]

Where is the Universe Expanding?

        When I look up at the night sky and wonder upon where we are in this vast pocket in the cosmos, I find it is the simpler questions that yield the more complicated answer. Many may be aware of the theory of the expansion of the universe. However, there is still […]

Scientific Investigation of Inca Mummies

Decomposition is the natural and most common process that occurs to dead bodies of organisms that have recently died, but under very ideal circumstances it is possible to prevent decomposition. In 1999, in the Andes, near the summit of Llullaillaco Mountain located in Argentina, three Inca mummies were found to be buried. The mummies, also […]

Kai Leong

My name is Kai Leong and here is a little about me: When I’m not cramming for an exam, I can often be found writing biting Yelp reviews. As a self-proclaimed “foodie”, I thoroughly enjoy making trips to new and “hip” restaurants and joining in on the new food craze in the food paradise of […]

Aleisha Durmaz

Aleisha is a twelfth grade student and is very excited to be in FSL Engineering this year! In her free time, she likes to read, binge YouTube, listen to podcasts, and spend too much time in the woods. She had a blast in FSL Discover year – learning new concepts, exploring new fields, listening to […]