Llama Poop: A Scientific Method to Track the Rise and Fall of the Inca Empire

While in history class, we learned about the past of South American empires, one of them being the Inca Empire, and how we use different methods to historically investigate their rise and fall. The Inca Empire was primarily located in the Andes and stretched from the south of Colombia to present day Chile and out […]

Walking a Tightrope

I have many irrational fears like spiders, small spaces and tiny little holes that are too close together. However, heights, which is quite a reasonable fear to have, is not one of them. My liking of heights is only present when I feel safe or secure. When I rock climb and zip line, I have […]

Music on the Brain

I do not, in any circumstance, consider myself a musical person. I played the recorder in grade four, the flute in grade six and the acoustic guitar in grade seven, but played none of them well. Hot Cross Buns was about the extent of my musical knowledge and capability. Despite my lack of musical talent, […]

How Medically Accurate is Grey’s Anatomy?

The well-known TV drama, Grey’s Anatomy, is, without a doubt, incredibly successful. Currently, 15 seasons strong, Grey’s Anatomy continues to be one of my favourite binge-worthy shows. The show takes place in a hospital and is about a group of interns and their journeys towards becoming doctors. Grey’s Anatomy is famously known for its drama […]

Scientific Investigation of Inca Mummies

Decomposition is the natural and most common process that occurs to dead bodies of organisms that have recently died, but under very ideal circumstances it is possible to prevent decomposition. In 1999, in the Andes, near the summit of Llullaillaco Mountain located in Argentina, three Inca mummies were found to be buried. The mummies, also […]

Loujain Bilal

A Grade 12 student enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program at Richmond Secondary School. When Loujain is not busy with school work, she runs the First Responders Team at her school, volunteers at the Richmond Hospital and competes on her school’s dragon boat team. For recreational activities, Loujain likes to snowboard, swim and read. Loujain […]