Is blood only red?

A few weeks back, I had stayed up until 10:00 on a Friday night working on my English Short Story Assignment. Tired from trying to read it, I closed the book, but in the process of doing so, I got a papercut with dark, red blood jutting out from my finger. After washing my finger […]

Mosquitos: Deadly or Helpful?

A few days back, I was looking through my family’s photo album of our 2010 trip to India. Alongside, the vivid memories of visiting my extended family and the bumbling city, I remembered how mosquitos were practically everywhere and the amount of itchy mosquito bites I got from my trip. Determined to find out more […]

Fawzan Hussain

Fawzan Hussain, a SHAD 2018 Fellow, enjoys volunteering his time within his school community through the Fraser Heights Student Council, IT Club, MakerSpace, Free the Children Club and the Environment Club. Fawzan Hussain enjoys competing in national and regional science fairs and participating in the Fraser Heights Model United Nations Club where he improves my […]