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The Art of Procrastination

Do It © Flickr, CC BY 2.0 I am going to be bluntly honest: I am writing this blog at 8:30 pm on Wednesday night with the deadline being in 1 and a half hours to hand it in. You may be wondering why I have left it so late? The simple answer is that […]

My Experience at Mini Med School Vancouver

This past October and November, I participated in Mini Med School at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. It was a 6-week speaker seminar, with the theme of “Healthy Starts for a Healthy Life”. Basically, every Wednesday I went to the research institute from 7pm-9pm and listened to different speakers talk about their respective specialties. I […]

Where Do Plastics Really Go?

A few weeks ago, I went grocery shopping to Save-On and I noticed the abundance of plastic wrapped items there was. This made me wonder where our plastic goes when we’re done using it and why we see large amounts of landfills throughout the world. Curious, I decided to research it! Aaron “tango” Tang, CC-BY-SA […]

The Benefit of Watching Horror Movies

Anxiety is something that has probably impacted, or will impact, everyone’s life at some point. To put this in statistical terms, over 40 million people across the United States suffer from varying degrees of anxiety on a regular basis. I myself can say that the impact that stress can have in our lives can be […]