The Perfect Pizza (Physics Says It’s Possible)

What constitutes the perfect pizza? To some, it’s the absence of pineapples, to others, it’s the depth of the crust. What if I told you that according to physics, it comes down to the oven? As a … [Read more...]

Wisdom Teeth and Dissolvable Stitches

Ibreez Asaria November 17th, 2018 Just three days ago, I was sitting in an oral surgeon’s office awaiting wisdom teeth removal surgery. As I sat there drifting in and out of consciousness, I … [Read more...]

Ingestible Origami Robots: The Future of Foreign Object Removal

Advancing technology in modern society and reading about how these new devices have enriched our lives captivates me. I find that learning about technology as it pertains to medicine is especially … [Read more...]

Audrey Yan-Hoi Teo

Audrey Teo (c) Photo Credit: Audrey Teo, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Grade : 10                                    … [Read more...]

Solar-Powered Slug?

Imagine one peaceful morning, the largest sunflower in your lawn suddenly sprouts two feet and sprints in the direction of the sun. This is, according to taxonomy is impossible, as plants certainly … [Read more...]

Neuroaesthetics: Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Hallway MDF, CC BY 4.0 Neuroaesthetics, a recent field of study derived from neuroscience research intends to explore in depth the brain's response to art and beauty.  A modern example of an … [Read more...]

Vaccines, why do we need them?

Over the past few years anti-vaccine narratives have become commonplace in western culture. Do such claims have a factual basis or are they simply publicity stunts? The most publicized anti-vaccine … [Read more...]

Heredity: What is Colour Blindness?

When I learned about heredity in biology class last year, my teacher brought up the topic of colour blindness quite often. So, I started to wonder what exactly is colour blindness and how does it got … [Read more...]

Facial Reconstruction During WW1: Skin Grafting

November 11th, 2018 Introduction Today marks 100 years after the conclusion of World War One (WW1) and as such, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on an area of science behind the … [Read more...]

The Evaporation Of Black Holes

Black Hole (c) ESO/M. Kornmesser (CC BY 4.0) Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is home to billions of stars, planets and of course, black holes. As you already know, nothing in our planet or universe … [Read more...]