Hypatia of Alexandria

Intro: While registering for a Waterloo full solution contest, I notice the name of the grade 11 version - Hypatia. However the name looks familiar, but I don’t remember learning about her … [Read more...]

The Many Uncontrollable Factors for Cancer

By Maia Poon According to the American Cancer Society, “Almost everyone knows someone who has had cancer.” The risk of having cancer is a serious concern for many people, especially those whose … [Read more...]

Hypnotizing: Should We Try It?

I had recently watched a video about hypnotizing. For all this time, I expected it to be like the "evil doings" and manipulations like in movies. Turns out, hypnotizing actually has benefits, and it's … [Read more...]

It’s a Small World After All

By Amanda C. Lee A few days ago, I was playing a trivia game and one of the questions went something along the lines of “Kevin Bacon has a popular game called: four steps; five minutes; or six … [Read more...]

Traditional Chinese medicine vs Western Medicine

Yin and Yang (C) Gregory Maxwell All my life, my Chinese parents have told me that Chinese medicine is the best medicine. Now, all due respect to my parents, but I never completely trusted their … [Read more...]

A Big Mac: really that bad?

During a recent run in preparation for the Sun Run, my friend used an app to track calories burned throughout the run. The app read "510 calories burned". My immediate response was "oh, so as much as … [Read more...]

One of the Longest Running Scientific Studies

We all hope that science is advancing at a fast rate. Occasionally the nature of what we are studying requires that our studies take a long time - a very long time. Such a long time in fact that all … [Read more...]

Chocolate Milk: Is it good for you?

I tried chocolate milk for the first time just a while ago, and I've been obsessed with it ever since. However, there has been lots of concerns about how it can negatively affect human's health. I … [Read more...]

Standardized Testing: Can it predict college success?

Candian schools focus on students grades, while American schools focus on students standardized test scores. So which system prevails? Are grades or standardized testing a better predictor of college … [Read more...]

MedConnect Conference 2018

Maia Poon Suturing a Banana (c) Maia Poon, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Today, November 18th, 2018, was the MedConnect Conference at the SFU Burnaby Campus, hosted by Phi Delta Epsilon … [Read more...]