The Naked Egg Drop: What’s the Best Design?

In my last physics class, we were given the challenge of protecting an egg from a free fall drop. We were given parameters such as “devices must be free-standing” and “no materials can be attached to … [Read more...]

The Switching of Earth’s Magnetic Poles

By Xavier Lam Here's a fun fact: The Earth's magnetic poles have switched places many times before. This means that if you looked at a compass, North would be South and vice versa. The Earth's … [Read more...]

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

In reality the science behind the epic lunar eclipses, that occurs 2-4 times a year, is simple. A lunar eclipse happens when a full Moon passes directly behind the Earth. Therefore the Earth's shadow … [Read more...]

How Do Fireworks… Work?

People all around the world ring in the new year with a wide variety of festive celebrations, often including fireworks! Even if you don’t go see the show, you can probably hear the display booming … [Read more...]

Inertia in Driving

I was studying for my driving knowledge test the other day when I stumbled across an unfamiliar word "inertia". It says that when we make a turn at a curve, the force of inertia will try to keep us … [Read more...]

The Sound of the Violin

Maia Poon Have you ever wondered how so many different pitches can be created on an instrument with just four strings? Or how people make such cool sound effects on the … [Read more...]

The Story of My Sprained Knee

I was just playing basketball when I sprained my knee last week on Saturday. This is my first actual injury in the course of 4 years of playing. And I got to say, what happened still remains as … [Read more...]

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

found Credit: (richter1910/Depositphotos)  Looking up at the night sky in Jasper last Summer, I wondered what kept the stars in galaxies together? Was there some other form of energy or … [Read more...]

The Perfect Pizza (Physics Says It’s Possible)

What constitutes the perfect pizza? To some, it’s the absence of pineapples, to others, it’s the depth of the crust. What if I told you that according to physics, it comes down to the oven? As a … [Read more...]

The Evaporation Of Black Holes

Black Hole (c) ESO/M. Kornmesser (CC BY 4.0) Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is home to billions of stars, planets and of course, black holes. As you already know, nothing in our planet or universe … [Read more...]