The Zombie Deer Disease

deer (c) Berg, W J (CC0) What is it? The chronic wasting disease, also known as the zombie deer disease, affects the neurological state of deer's such as white-tailed deer, mule deer, reindeer, … [Read more...]

These Animals are Extinct and it’s Our Fault

By Amanda C. Lee 1. Dodo Bird (1681) Frohawk's Dodo© Frederick William Frohawk, CC BY 1.0 Probably the most well known of the extinct animals, the dodo bird fell victim to the growing human … [Read more...]

Vancouver, a livable city

Vancouver is an incredible place to live and has been ranked top 10 on the worlds most liveable cities list for more than a decade. Interestingly, however, since 2011 Vancouver has begun to descend … [Read more...]

Climate Change Impacts All of Us

United Nations Photo © UN Photo/Mark Garten 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Climate change is a pressing issue that affects us all and will result in a severe alteration of life on earth. … [Read more...]

The effects of light pollution

Light Pollution Before and After(c) Jeremy Stanley (CC BY 2.0) A century ago, you could walk outside anywhere at night and see all the stars and the beauty of the Milky Way. Nowadays, due to the … [Read more...]

The Science Behind Coral Bleaching

  January 4th, 2019 My final geography class of 2018 concluded with a discussion around coral reef bleaching, and the ramifications of climate change on the Earth's aquatic life. This … [Read more...]

Saving Lives, One Sip at a Time

By Amanda C. Lee While searching for Christmas presents last week, I came upon the LifeStraw. I had heard of it before, but never looked into how it worked or what it does for the community. I … [Read more...]

Are Recent Wildfires Related to Climate Change?

Wildfire (c) John McColgan (CC0 1.0) As the climate warms, moisture and precipitation levels are changing, with increasing water vapor in wet areas and increasing droughts in dry areas. … [Read more...]