Wound healing; should I pick that scab?

To all the kids that have tripped and fallen on the playground, I feel you guys... On a more serious note, scrapes and scratches are almost inevitable to a human being. Likewise, at a recent … [Read more...]

How Do Fireworks… Work?

By Amanda C. Lee People all around the world ring in the new year with a wide variety of festive celebrations, often including fireworks! Even if you don’t go see the show, you can probably hear the … [Read more...]

Lab-Grown Meat: Would You Take a Bite?

Maia Poon   NYC-Diner-Bacon-Cheeseburger (c) Evan-Amos, CC0 1.0 Imagine eating a juicy hamburger with the guilt-free knowledge that no animals’ lives were taken in … [Read more...]

Life Made in the Lab: The Miller-Urey Experiment

Maia Poon Miller-Urey experiment (1953) (c) YassineMrabet, CC BY-SA 3.0 Organic chemistry is the branch of chemistry specializing in the study of carbon-containing compounds. These … [Read more...]

The Science of Tie-Dye

I have seen many different kinds of tie-dye patterns imprinted on shirts and hoodies before. But never did I knew how anyone could have painted out the patterns or how the colour dye can remain on the … [Read more...]