Do You Look Like Your Pet?

By Amanda C. Lee You’ve probably heard that owners look like their pets, but is it actually true? I was quite surprised to find out that there are a variety of events, and even contests held annually … [Read more...]

Barbara McClintock

Early Life and Studies Barabara McClintock (c) Adam Cuerden (CC0) Barabara McClintock was born on June 16, 1902 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA to Henry and Sara Handy McClintock. From a young age … [Read more...]

Growing Bacteria in Petri Dishes – Part 2

As I mentioned in the "Part One" of this blog post, I did an experiment using nutrient agar plates to grow bacteria. I had one question to answer: How do different household cleaning products affect … [Read more...]

The Many Uncontrollable Factors for Cancer

By Maia Poon According to the American Cancer Society, “Almost everyone knows someone who has had cancer.” The risk of having cancer is a serious concern for many people, especially those whose … [Read more...]

Hypnotizing: Should We Try It?

I had recently watched a video about hypnotizing. For all this time, I expected it to be like the "evil doings" and manipulations like in movies. Turns out, hypnotizing actually has benefits, and it's … [Read more...]

The Zombie Deer Disease

deer (c) Berg, W J (CC0) What is it? The chronic wasting disease, also known as the zombie deer disease, affects the neurological state of deer's such as white-tailed deer, mule deer, reindeer, … [Read more...]

Wound healing; should I pick that scab?

To all the kids that have tripped and fallen on the playground, I feel you guys... On a more serious note, scrapes and scratches are almost inevitable to a human being. Likewise, at a recent … [Read more...]

Smart Pill injects Insulin into Stomach Painlessly

What is diabetes? Diabetes is an illness that develops in people from all ranges of ages due to high blood sugar levels. Those who have this disease lack insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas … [Read more...]

Cat Allergies

By Maia P. I have wanted a cat for a very long time. Unfortunately, my sister and I are both allergic to cats. As unfair as I find our biological makeup, I still have hope. I am determined to be a … [Read more...]

These Animals are Extinct and it’s Our Fault

By Amanda C. Lee 1. Dodo Bird (1681) Frohawk's Dodo© Frederick William Frohawk, CC BY 1.0 Probably the most well known of the extinct animals, the dodo bird fell victim to the growing human … [Read more...]