Hypnotizing: Should We Try It?

I had recently watched a video about hypnotizing. For all this time, I expected it to be like the “evil doings” and manipulations like in movies. Turns out, hypnotizing actually has benefits, and it’s being used on people as a method of medication and therapy.

Pendulum Hypnosis (c) innerwhispers , CC0 1.0

What is Hypnotizing?

So what does it mean, to be in the state of hypnosis? Hypnosis is a state which a person is in deep concentration and becomes less aware of their surroundings. During the state, the person is more likely to accept suggestions that may help them change their behaviours.

Despite this, hypnosis doesn’t work if the person’s not willing to be fully concentrated and following the suggestions. In other words, people can’t be hypnotized unwillingly and will not follow instructions against their wishes, even under a trance (hypnosis state).

Hypnotherapy is not intended to cure diseases, but to relieve symptoms of illness, control dependency to drugs, alcohol, etc. or just to achieve a state of relaxation.

PROs and CONs

PROs: As I mentioned above, hypnotherapy can be used to dealt with psychological issues like dependency on substances, stress relieve, etc. It is a non-invasive method that doesn’t involve any consumption of medical products. Also, it is one of the few medical treatments that has minimal side effects.

CONs: Hypnotherapy is not typically covered in insurance plans and are required to be paid for. And the fees aren’t exactly cheap. Even more so, it might take a multiple sessions to address issues, especially if you’re dealing with bigger problems like addictions, which will drive the costs to be more absurd. Also, not everyone is receptive to hypnosis, and you might just be one of those less fortunate people.

Final Thoughts

After looking into details about hypnotizing, I definitely would try it out as it is a new kind of experience. I’ve seen people done it online, and I’ve got to say, it looks bizarre and quite cool. Although I might understand a bit more about hypnosis now, many questions are still remain unanswered. Like, what really happened in your brain during a hypnosis trance? I would like to go deeper into the more psychological side of this topic. But that’s for another day.

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