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Paper folding and cutting

A five-pointed star with dotted fold line (c) FuzzypegCC0 A few weeks ago I was cutting out some photocopy diagrams and pictures for my project. After a while, I got annoyed because it was so … [Read more...]

Traditional Chinese medicine vs Western Medicine

Yin and Yang (C) Gregory Maxwell All my life, my Chinese parents have told me that Chinese medicine is the best medicine. Now, all due respect to my parents, but I never completely trusted their … [Read more...]

Cat Allergies

By Maia P. I have wanted a cat for a very long time. Unfortunately, my sister and I are both allergic to cats. As unfair as I find our biological makeup, I still have hope. I am determined to be a … [Read more...]

These Animals are Extinct and it’s Our Fault

1. Dodo Bird (1681) Frohawk's Dodo© Frederick William Frohawk, CC BY 1.0 Probably the most well known of the extinct animals, the dodo bird fell victim to the growing human race. Previously … [Read more...]

3D Printing with Light

By Xavier Lam Researchers from California have developed a new way to 3D print. Instead of using the conventional method of printing in layers, they were able to create entire objects at once. … [Read more...]

The Science Behind CPR

First aid (c) Videoplasty (CC BY-SA 4.0) This weekend I am taking one of the courses that I need to become a First Responder at my school. It’s called Standard First Aid, and it includes a CPR … [Read more...]

Gluten-related Conditions: Gluten Ataxia

Gluten-related Disorders © Dr. Schär, CC-BY-SA 3.0 I recently met with Dr. Val Vaartnou from the Canadian Celiac Disease Association to discuss the organization's support of current research in the … [Read more...]