Self-Driving Cars: Making “Auto” in Automobile a Bit More Literal

On my way back home I saw this strange white and purple vehicle. The car stood out because the design looked like a trolley from the 1900s mixed with a Smart car. The symmetrical design was strange because it had no space for a driver. It took about half a second to realize, it had no driver: it was … [Read more...]

Mucus Transplants

While reading the news the other day, a certain article caught my eye. Or should I say caught my nose? According to the Vancouver Sun, Dr. Amin Javer from St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, BC is running a very peculiar experiment. It consists of taking a healthy person's mucus and implanting it in … [Read more...]

A possible treatment for split ends?

Long hair in a ponytail, (c) Stilfehler (CC BY-SA 3.0) Split ends, scientifically known as trichoptilosis, is when the ends of your hair split or are frayed. Unfortunately, I have a lot of split ends because of my constant use of hair dryers and straighteners. Most people solve this issue by … [Read more...]

The Opportunity of a Lifetime, and the Lifetime of an Opportunity

NASA Mars Rover (c)NASA, public domain picture (not copyrighted) I love space. I love the unknown and I love discovering more about it. Thus, it was no surprise that I was devastated to hear that after almost 15 long, wonderful years of exploration, NASA had declared the Opportunity Mars rover … [Read more...]


When we see light, it is due to our eyes reacting to the light. Different intensities of light cause the reaction to change, allowing us to notice the difference between a dim and bright light. But, how do you think machines can determine the difference between bright and dim light? Many might think … [Read more...]

Is Social Media Wrecking the Teenage Brain?

Recently I reinstalled the powerful app, Instagram. I keep wasting so much time on it reminding myself why I deleted in the first place. Parents are always telling teens to get off social media but can those breaks actually be useful to the development of the brain? Social Media icon (c) … [Read more...]

Interchanges: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Part 2 of 2: System Interchanges Construction at the Springfield Interchange (c) Virginia Department of Transportation, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 In last week’s edition of Interchanges: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; we took a look at the best, the worst, and the meh-st of service interchanges - … [Read more...]

Too Much Water?

Aqua Drinking Water Potable Water (c) Rawpixel CC0 1.0 In elementary school, I always remembered listening to the morning announcements. In particular, one saying always remained in my mind. The announcer would say, "Tip of the day is to drink eight cups of water per day". Perplexed, I stared at … [Read more...]

RIP Opportunity

As you may have recently heard, NASA's Opportunity Mars Rover's life has officially come to an end. Opportunity, or Oppy, was a rover sent to the planet Mars in the Summer of 2003 with its twin, named Spirit. Both were designed to last 90 days and to perform surface missions. Here is Oppy's … [Read more...]

How does a piano work?

Piano keys (c) Elliot Billings, CC BY 2.0 I remember, as a kid, ticking off the seconds as my mom used to track my daily piano practice time. Now, I cherish those precious moments I get to spend at the piano. Playing the piano has taught me self-confidence, persistence and patience. Through … [Read more...]