Yeah. Your fries have stuff in them.

French Fries CC0 1.0 Universal¬†(CC0 1.0) Potatoes are amazing. Even better, fries are easily one of the best snacks ever to have been invented. As a potato lover, I do not discriminate against any shape, size, or colour when it comes to potatoes. Although, ever since watching a video … [Read more...]

How was Earth Proven to be Round?

The planet Earth is a sphere. This is a common fact for you and me. However, what makes me wonder is, how did people back in time prove that Earth has a spherical shape when they had no aid of technology such as satellites to provide measurements and data? With this question in mind, I briefly … [Read more...]

Spill the beans about coffee!

Chevanon Photography I have a confession to make. As I sit here typing my blog post, I'm half sipping my cup of coffee. But how bad is caffeine addiction really? It helps me stay up late to finish an assignment, it gives a good boost before my soccer game.  According to the … [Read more...]