Leaf Them Alone: Plants can take care of themselves

(c)Akil Mazumder, CC0 1.0 Disclaimer: From this title, I do not mean that you should not water your plants. I mean that leafy plants grow in a specific way that maximizes their self-sufficiency. Please keep your plants watered. Thanks! With that being said, I have a … [Read more...]

Why Are Bees Dying?

Have you noticed the dwindling umber of bees in Vancouver over the past few years? Just in my lifetime, I have watched the number of bees that populated my small, but luscious garden decrease. I used to be scared opening my gate, with lavender bushes filled with honeybees pouring over our walkway. … [Read more...]

The Terror of the Sea Angels

Clione of Shinagawa Aquarium (c) Toshihiro Gamo (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Undoubtedly you may have heard about the transparent, heavenly sea angels. With their flapping wings and strange glow, they are the exact picture of Angels in the deep.  When I was younger, I would stay at this specific tank … [Read more...]

Earthquakes: What you should put before survival

Haiti earthquake (c) Logan Abassi, CC BY 2.0 They have rocked the ground beneath us for centuries. Fear circulates all the time around them as people contemplate whether or not they will be involved in an earthquake while scientists disregard those concerns and strive to research more on them … [Read more...]