Defining a lunar eclipse

NPS/Brad Sutton (c) Joshua Tree National Park, CC BY 2.0 What is the meaning of "super wolf blood moon"? We all saw it and heard about it. The super wolf blood moon illuminated the night sky on Jan 20, 2019. It was a lunar eclipse that doesn’t show up commonly but I didn’t think much of it … [Read more...]

Trees talk!

I love spending time in the forest. Trees stretching above and around me fills me with a sense of contentment and wonder. How did these trees grow to be their adult selves, towering testaments to botanical strength?  To learn more, I am reading “The Hidden Life of Trees” By … [Read more...]

Will we “Dye” from Textiles?

Indian Pigments (c) Dan Brady CC BY 2.0 I remember my parents always taught me to sort our clothes into dark and light piles before doing the laundry. Eventually, this became common sense. It is obvious we need to separate the colours otherwise the dark clothing would stain the white ones. This … [Read more...]

The Ugly Side Of Fast Fashion

Textile waste in Niigata Prefacture, Japan (c) kiwa dokokano, CCBY 2.0 In the early 2000s, something changed the fashion industry forever. For most of history, buying new clothes was not a weekly thing, and garments costed more on average. However, the introduction of fast fashion into the … [Read more...]

Are Organic foods healthier?

You may have heard more on people starting to switch over organic foods only. I know I have, and my family is starting to transition too. Personally, I have never felt a difference during the process of the switching, which made me wonder, are organic foods beneficial? What is organic food? Organic … [Read more...]

Micro-plastics? Harmless?

Every two years, the Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network organizes the Do It Green conference. Along with other BYSN members, I plan workshops to promote a more sustainable future in the community. This year's conference revolves micro-plastics and their effects on the environment. At first, I did … [Read more...]

Microplastics – A Not So Micro Problem

In 2015, humans worldwide produced roughly 322 million tonnes of plastic.  That's more than 2014, 2013, or any other year.  Even with recent efforts to regulate waste, a lot of this plastic is bound to get thrown away into natural environments.  Plastic biodegrades very difficultly, so we end up … [Read more...]

Avalanches- How to predict them and stay safe

During the winter break, I have gotten into backcountry snowshoeing. As I was scaling the face of Mount Seymour (an extremely steep section of a mountain) I realized I didn't know what to do if an avalanche were to break. Unlike many backcountry users, I didn't know how to predict them. But they are … [Read more...]

Why 1.5 C ?

I’m 16. As a teenager, the climate crisis is going to seriously impact my future. This is why I was concerned when on October 8, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published a report about the dangers of a 1.5 C rise in temperature, entitled The Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 C. … [Read more...]

The Meat of our Future

Of all the foods that exist, beef is probably one of my favorite. However, each time I take a bite of a juicy hamburger there is the constant thought of the numerous disadvantages of meat consumption. With a predicted amount of an average American eating approximately 222 pounds of meat and poultry … [Read more...]