Is Sugar Killing Us?

We love sugar as a society but I know from first hand experiences how addicting added sugar can be. When I was younger I would come home from school and eat an ice cream sundae with a couple chewy granola bars because they tasted so good. But my mom disapproved so she dared me to try not eating any added sugar for a few weeks. Of course I was up for the challenge and since those weeks in grade nine I have never looked back. Once I broke the addiction I have been really into eating healthy foods and have seem my athletics improve partially because of cutting out added sugars. 

I know I feel better without eating added sugars but what happens if you continue to eat too much without any sense of moderation?

Gummy candy 
 (c) Stefano Mortellaro from Catania, Italy CC-BY-2.0

Side effects of too many sweets 

These are just a few of the dreaded side effects that sugar can have on your body. While weight gain wasn’t a factor for me, sugar has led to increased obesity rates because of sugars “empty calories”. While acne isn’t life threatening (just extremely annoying) the others on this list have the potential to be.  

Next time before you mindlessly bring a tub of Ben and Jerry’s while over at a friends house think twice about what sugar is doing to your body. I know that it’s one of the best desisions of my life to avoid added sugars and just remember you can still enjoy sugary fruits like berries and dates!

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