Hello, I am Yoyo, a grade 11 student studying at Crofton House School in Vancouver. As a Future Science Leaders student I will be learning various skills required in life science research and will be participating in and conducting my very own research. I will be keeping detailed online notes of my adventures in the laboratory. This site also holds my writing about other cool science things. If you like somethings you read or want to share your thoughts on it, please leave a comment.  

The links on the right will let you explore the work of my fellow researchers.

  • Session Summayr – Apr. 16th, 2015

    In today’s session, the FSL research group talked about public speaking skills, paper editorial, and upcoming testing materials. In order to prepare for the upcoming Open House, in which each student is given 90 sec to talk about his or her independent project. we all practiced by thinking about a subject prior to our turn, […]

    Research Summary – Feb. 12th, 2015

    In the first part of today’s FSL session, the research group cooperated with the engineer group and  continued to work on the boat project. We have officially put an end to this project; however, due to the inconvenience of weather, the racing of the boats is pushed to the FSL session next week. Afterwards, the research group completed some […]

    Possible Connection between Personality and Immune System?

    People sometimes pay very little attention to their personality — extroversion/introversion, neuroticism (tendency towards negativity) and conscientiousness (how cautious and how carefully plan events). While most are aware that their personalities can influence their friendship circle and how suitable they are for a particular job, do they ever affect out health? In a recent study, Kavita Vadhara and […]

    Did 2014 feel like a hot year?

    As we officially entered the year of 2015, it’s also the time to complete all kinds of summaries regarding the past year, and one of them is the year-end climate-change report. In a recently released report, scientists have concluded that the global temperature in 2014 has been the hottest in record since 1880, which is the year […]

    Future Vision: Lego Robot with a Brain

    Brain, simply, is just a set of electrical signals, which controls the emotion and movement of a living object. It is, yet, extremely complicated, that scientists is no where near starting the “decoding” of human brain. However, an international group of researchers have done so with a type of parasitic roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans.  From a long […]