Why Does Our Brain Enjoy Music?

Grand Piano, (c) Mdf, CC BY-SA 3.0 You've had a stressful day. You're lying in bed and you start playing music from Spotify. Suddenly, you feeling better. You love this song. The song that makes … [Read more...]

Edwin Hubble- Reverse Finkbeiner Test

Edwin Hubble  (c) Mdf, CC BY-SA 3.0 Edwin Hubble, whom I classify as one of the greatest scientists, was best known as a male astronomer. During the 1920's, Hubble was the first man to show … [Read more...]

The Thrill of Spending

Dollar Currency Money(c) Mdf,CC BY-SA 3.0  During the Christmas season, I would be guilty of shopping and spending a lot of money. As a teenage girl, one of my favourite places are huge shopping … [Read more...]

Blue Blood and Radioactive Food

Scientific misconceptions surround us everyday. They affect the ways we see things and can only be proven wrong through scientific discoveries. These misconceptions could be present because other … [Read more...]

Albert Einstein – Reverse Finkbeiner Challenge

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 to Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch, in Ulm, Germany. Growing up he attended elementary and secondary school in Munich. As a student, he did particularity … [Read more...]

Scientific Rewind

Over the past year many amazing scientific discoveries have taken place. We got a step closer to sending humans to mars with the discovery of water on the Red Planet. To go along with the discovery of … [Read more...]

Pink Sky At Night, Sailors Delight; Pink Sky In Morning, Sailors Warning

When I was a child I was told the saying "Pink sky at night, sailors delight; Pink sky in morning, sailors warning". This means that if there is pink sky at night there will be good weather tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Cookie in the Sky

Photo: Moon in the Sky — via Hdwallpapers As a young child full of imagination, I believed the moon was a giant chocolate chip cookie floating in the night sky (despite the moon's gray … [Read more...]

The Sixth Sense

Most humans and animals have five senses. The five senses consist of smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing. Unbeknownst to many, there are a few animals in the world who have more than the five senses. … [Read more...]

Metal in the Microwave: a Recipe for Disaster

Microwave oven (c) CC BY-SA 4.0 While eagerly anticipating my red-hot chicken wings to finish reheating, I heard a distinctive popping noise coming from my kitchen. As I ran back into the kitchen, … [Read more...]