Arduino: Make Your Robot Dreams a Reality

Arduino Serial Board, (c) Nicholas Zambetti CC BY-SA 3.0 Who hasn't wanted to build their own robot? Admit it. You've yearned to create one at some point in time: to water your garden, do … [Read more...]

Tetrachromacy: A World of Colour

Tetrachromatic Vision (C) Mdf, CC-BY-SA 3.0 If I asked you what colour you see when you look at a leaf in the spring, your answer would most likely be "green". What if, instead of only being able … [Read more...]

Human Civilization in a million years…

A depiction of an advanced civilization (c) Mdf, CC BY-SA 3.0 Did you ever wish that you had superpowers? Well, Science can help you! But there is a catch. Unfortunately, it might take 10000-100000 … [Read more...]

Viruses Aren’t Always on the Move…

Viruses' capsids from left to right: Hepatitis B, Bacteriophage PhiX14, Human Parvovirus B19 Via Me I always pictured viruses as microscopic bugs that are constantly trying to invade our body. They … [Read more...]


The terrifying science behind the "World's most famous equation" (1). Licorne, (c) Mdf, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Are you a fed-up mad scientist who has decided that he/she has had enough with the … [Read more...]

The A.I Apocalypse

Arnold Schwarzenegger (c) Mdf, CC BY-SA 3.0 Artificial intelligence has been one of humanity‚Äôs most intriguing developments in the last 100 years. Ever since the earliest days of the … [Read more...]

Scare Me!

A Spooky Haunted HouseIllustration of a haunted house (c) netalloy, CC0 1.0 Sitting around the camp fire telling scary stories, going to the theaters the watch the newest horror movie, or … [Read more...]

Reverse Aging and Cancer

Could science get as scary as having the ability to prevent death? Agreeably, we all expect an end to our lives and the lives of everyone else around us, but what if we didn't need to? What if that … [Read more...]

Real-Life Frankenstein: Human Head Transplants

Head Transplant (C) Mdf, CC-BY-SA 3.0 Have you ever wondered if it is possible to create a real-life Frankenstein's monster? In the future, something quite similar to this could very well become a … [Read more...]

Our Dark Universe

It all started with Albert Einstein in 1915, when he proposed the General Theory of Relativity. He, himself didn't believe it. The equations he made suggested that the Universe was expanding. To … [Read more...]