MRIs and MEGs Working Together

MRI machine via Wikipedia CC BY-SA 4.0 You probably know what an MRI is: A very powerful magnetic-field emitting machine used to see your body's organs and structures. MEGs are not as well-known, … [Read more...]

Blue Light and the Effects it has on Your Body

Blue LED lightsvia Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA Blue light is everywhere. It comes from the Sun. It's in our electronic devices like computers, smartphones and TVs. Blue light can have several effects … [Read more...]

Meet the Ciliaphorans

Ciliophora is a phylum of single celled protists dwelling nearly anywhere there is water. The Ciliophorans have a macronucleus and at least one micronucleus. The micronuclei are diploid, with two … [Read more...]

Virtual Reality and the Brain

We all heard about virtual reality before. In fact, we witness it's development in our day to day lives as we see it more often. One popular example would be those Snapchat filters that we use all the … [Read more...]

The Truth About Electric Cars

"Tesla Roadster" (c) Mdf, CC BY-SA 3.0 One of the most pressing problems we face as humanity today is climate change. If we do not solve this problem, the future of humanity may be threatened. … [Read more...]

MRI and MEG + Field Trip Reflection

ImageTech Lab The field trip to the SFU ImageTech Lab was my first look at an MRI and MEG machine. It was really cool to be standing in front of multi-million dollar pieces of equipment. To me … [Read more...]

Neutron Stars… Underrated Objects in our Universe

The Universe The universe contains objects that are so amazing and exotic that it's hard for our human brains to comprehend. There are extremely giant structures of galaxies and matter, billions of … [Read more...]

Quantum Computing… Advancing the Limits of Computer Technology

In the past few decades, computer technology has grown and is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. Humans went from counting with their fingers just 200 thousand years ago to building machines … [Read more...]

Charles Darwin (Reverse Finkbeiner challenge)

I just became aware of the Finkbeiner test the past week, and I thought that doing a reverse Finkbeiner test would be fun. I think that a reverse Finkbeiner test can demonstrate the absurdity of … [Read more...]

Beauty-the average face

There are many different standards of beauty. Do large eyes make a person pretty? Or is it high cheekbones that make a person pretty? I have always been fascinated by how stunning some people look, … [Read more...]