Cookie in the Sky

Photo: Moon in the Sky — via Hdwallpapers As a young child full of imagination, I believed the moon was a giant chocolate chip cookie floating in the night sky (despite the moon's gray … [Read more...]

The Sixth Sense

Most humans and animals have five senses. The five senses consist of smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing. Unbeknownst to many, there are a few animals in the world who have more than the five senses. … [Read more...]

Metal in the Microwave: a Recipe for Disaster

Microwave oven (c) CC BY-SA 4.0 While eagerly anticipating my red-hot chicken wings to finish reheating, I heard a distinctive popping noise coming from my kitchen. As I ran back into the kitchen, … [Read more...]

Nikola Tesla: Eccentric Inventor or Celibate Bachelor?

Nikola Tesla, Public Domain (PD-OLD) Nikola Tesla. Inventor? Engineer? Dashing public figure? All valid in their own respects, but he was also a bachelor to the bitter end. Although Tesla … [Read more...]

2018 Annual Kwantlen Science Challenge

Science challenge team (left to right) Jenny Mei, Kent Kotaka, Flora Guo, Andy Kim, Jessy Zhu, Mozi Lu, Navnoor Sodhi, Mr. Halabi, via Mr. Lu On November 24th, seven seniors students represented … [Read more...]

The Flat Earth

When I was little, I used to think the Earth was flat. I truly believed that if you kept walking in a straight line, you would eventually fall of the edge of the world. This may seem ridiculous now, … [Read more...]

A Biography of Gertrude Elion

Elion in lab Mdf,CC BY-SA 3. Gertrude Elion was a biochemist who was integral to the inventions of several major drugs. She, along with G. Hitchings and Sir J. Black, received the Nobel … [Read more...]

How Long is a Year?

The answer to this question may seem obvious, right? 365 days. Everyone knows that. However, nature is often not so simple. Think about it; what are the odds that the day (which is made up of 24 hours … [Read more...]

Charles Darwin – The Reverse Finkbeiner Test

It's not always easy to write a short biography that follows the all the guidelines of the Finkbeiner test. It's the same with even the Reverse Finkbeiner test. However, that's exactly what I'm going … [Read more...]

Malaria Prevention in 2019 – Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes

It's an always an excitement to anticipate the coming scientific discoveries and events of any new year, and it's no different for me this year. I'm sure many of you can relate as well. What … [Read more...]