It’s Absolutely Cold!

Have you ever wondered how cold something can get? Well, this post will answer this question I've been wondering myself.  If you graphed a volume vs. temperature graph of any gas you … [Read more...]

You Wont Believe Your Eyes!

An artist depiction of a black hole (c) CC BY-SA 3.0 The General Theory of Relativity created by Einstein in 1915 predicted an object with such a high mass that nothing can escape from its … [Read more...]

The Early Universe

In 1964, 2 American astronomers named Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias made a really profound accidental discovery. It shaped our understanding of the universe and of cosmology. Robert Wilson (c) CC … [Read more...]

Our Dark Universe

It all started with Albert Einstein in 1915, when he proposed the General Theory of Relativity. He, himself didn't believe it. The equations he made suggested that the Universe was expanding. To … [Read more...]

Another IB procrastinator-Molly Xu

The International Baccalaureate program has just gained another procrastinator this past September. This new member is none other than myself, Molly Xu. I am a grade 11 student attending Semiahmoo … [Read more...]

Facts About A Robin (Not the bird)

Hi, my name is Robin Yadav. I was born in India and I moved here, to Canada when I was 5. I've always enjoyed Mathematics and Science growing up. Even as I enter into Grade 10 they still are my … [Read more...]