Scientific Rewind

Over the past year many amazing scientific discoveries have taken place. We got a step closer to sending humans to mars with the discovery of water on the Red Planet. To go along with the discovery of … [Read more...]

Pink Sky At Night, Sailors Delight; Pink Sky In Morning, Sailors Warning

When I was a child I was told the saying "Pink sky at night, sailors delight; Pink sky in morning, sailors warning". This means that if there is pink sky at night there will be good weather tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Cookie in the Sky

Photo: Moon in the Sky — via Hdwallpapers As a young child full of imagination, I believed the moon was a giant chocolate chip cookie floating in the night sky (despite the moon's gray … [Read more...]

The Flat Earth

When I was little, I used to think the Earth was flat. I truly believed that if you kept walking in a straight line, you would eventually fall of the edge of the world. This may seem ridiculous now, … [Read more...]

How Long is a Year?

The answer to this question may seem obvious, right? 365 days. Everyone knows that. However, nature is often not so simple. Think about it; what are the odds that the day (which is made up of 24 hours … [Read more...]

The Science of Snowflakes

Since I was little, I loved snow. I would always wait for it to start snowing outside so i could start building my snowman with a carrot nose and rocks for eyes. The snowman would even have a little, … [Read more...]

Can you get the cold, by being cold?

The virus cell for the common coldRhinovirus (c) Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 As we begin winter, the days start getting shorter, we enter the season of festivities, and snow begins appearing on … [Read more...]

Movie Mistakes – The Martian

In my personal opinion, "The Martian" is notably one of the most intriguing science-fiction movies from 2015.  With a plot in which an astronaut becomes stranded on Mars and even ends up growing … [Read more...]

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-B- Oops! Science Mistakes in Disney Movies

Disney Science (C) Mdf, CC-BY-SA 3.0 Personally, I myself am a huge fan of Disney movies. I think they are really enjoyable to watch and can teach many valuable life lessons to the people who watch … [Read more...]

The Physics of Space

Leia floating in space via AC Literacy Theory and Criticism As I was watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the scene where Leia uses the force to pull herself out of space and into a ship, I thought … [Read more...]