Katherine Johnson- Finkbeiner Test

Katherine Johnson is an American mathematician. This blog will share the accomplishments and wonderful life of, one of my, favourite scientist. From the sight of others, Katherine Johnson is as smart as a computer. This gave her the nickname “Human Computer“.

With the role as a NASA employee, Johnson greatly helped in the success of getting humans to space. Katherine graduated high school at the age of 14. Johnson always appreciated good education. Until the age of 18, Katherine Johnson attended university at West Virginia State University.

During 1953, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics), now known as NASA, hired Johnson. Katherine Johnson was one of the many people who safely brought astronaut John Glenn to a return. Later in life, her heroic events lend her to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015. I might say, she deserved much more.

Katherine Johnson was also part of a team on the Apollo 11 mission. Finally, Johnson retired in 1986. Thankfully, Johnson enjoyed her job as a research mathematician. She expressed that she was happy during the 33 years of working for NACA. Fortunately, Katherine Johnson is currently 100 years old today.

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