Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr (c) Mdf, CC BY-SA 3.0

Hedy Lamarr was a Austrian-American Actress and Inventor. Along with George Antheil, they came up with the “Secret Communications System“. This invention prevented enemies in World War II from decoding messages. Cleverly, they did this by using a piano roll to change the radio frequencies.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the invention helped keep U.S messages safe. In my opinion, this invention was very impressive. I wonder, how North America would look like now without this helpful invention. Another thing to add is, this invention was extremely important both to the military and cellphone industry. Now, frequency hopping is used with modern technology.

Furthermore, their invention of spread spectrum has helped make wireless operations possible today. An example of this would be a fax machine. Later, the media recognized Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil for their helpful invention in 1997.

They both received Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Pioneer award. Another fact, Hedy is the only actress on the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Sadly, Hedy passed away from a heart disease in her Florida home. She died at 85 on January 19, 2000.

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