Albert Einstein – Reverse Finkbeiner Challenge

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 to Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch, in Ulm, Germany. Growing up he attended elementary and secondary school in Munich. As a student, he did particularity well in math and physics, which would fuel his later discoveries.

Albert Einstein, Oil Painting (c) George Hodan, CC0 Public Domain
This is a picture of Albert Einstein

Einstein is a man who’s name is known worldwide in almost every household. This physicist is one of the most famous and respected men of his time. Albert Einstein released many papers filled with comprehensive ideas during his tenure, and even helped kick-start the Manhattan Project in the US. This program took place during World War II with the purpose to create the very first atom bomb. However his most well known proposal would be the equation: E = mc2. He basically said that everything has energy even if it is not moving. Later on this equation would help “… us to understand how radioactive particles decay and how stars create energy through nuclear fusion.”

During his lifetime Einstein was married twice. The first was with a women named Mileva Maric, who met while attending school in Zurich. There relationship was a taboo in Einstein’s family because of her Serbian heritage. Nonetheless, they had a child together in 1902 whose name was Lieserl. What happened to her is unknown, but it is thought she died of illness or was adopted. In January 1903 Einstein was allowed by his family to have a relationship with Maric, so he ended up marrying her. Together, they had two more kids, Hans Albert in 1904, and Eduard in 1910. As Einstein rose in fame, his marriage deteriorated, because he was spending so much time away from home. Eventually, they would get divorced in 1919. This opened the door for Einstein to remarry, and he did with his cousin, Elsa Lowenthal.

Albert Einstein faced many hardships during World War II, as he was a Jewish man, living in the center of Germany. He stood as a role model for other Jewish men because he was unfazed by everything going on around him. During this time period in Germany, people were rarely allowed to conduct science, unless it was in favor of the Nazis. Einstein was looked up to because he continued his scientific research while living in Berlin.

Einstein died on April 17, 1955 in the United States because of internal bleeding. Even though Albert Einstein is now gone, his legacy will live on forever.

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