Telepathy: Technology of the Near Future

Have you ever imagined the power you would have if you read thoughts? If you could tell someone, with absolute clarity, what you thought? Imagine all the time saved and ideas developed. Surely, such a thing is only possible in movies and books you may think. In fact, we are not too far away from this.

Although this may seem outlandish and ridiculous, humans have been using interfaces to interact with each other since the invention of writing. The only difference between older methods and telepathy is the speed with which we can relay our ideas. For example, imagine you have very high speed internet but, your computer is not capable of processing the data fast enough. So, the bandwidth that your computer actually uses is far lower than the  This is similar to how interfaces such as keyboards and pencils limit the speed of our thoughts. In a podcast on Youtube, Elon Musk outlines these ideas and many more. 

The first steps towards a fully-function telepathy machine have already been taken. In a study published on August 19, 2014 precise brain simulation techniques were used to send encrypted messages between two people. 

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Telepathy(c) Mdf, CC BY-SA 3.0

2000 years ago, people thought the Earth was flat. 500 years ago, people believed the Earth was the center of the universe. Things that seem impossible in the present are often possible in the future.  Telepathy is one of those things.

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