Joy to the World

Photo: Joy to the World — via i.pinimg 

Joy Lee was born in Phoenix, Arizona in April of 2002. When she was two years old, she and her parents moved to El Paso, Texas due to her father’s career. Her family lived in El Paso for a year until her father’s job was transferred back to Phoenix — where she lived for another six years. In November of 2010, she and her family moved to Chilliwack, British Columbia and lived there for three years. Finally, in January of 2014, her family moved to Surrey, British Columbia. As of now, she is currently living in Surrey with her parents and her two younger siblings.

Joy is a high school student currently attending Fraser Heights Secondary School and is a member of many clubs. Joy enjoys volunteering at fundraisers and events for the LEO Club, Kindler’s Society, Best Buddies, Youth for Care Club, and her community church. She is also a journalist and an occasional editor for her school’s newspaper and tutors elementary school students who struggle with English.  

Despite her busy schedule, Joy enjoys baking and watching food videos in her free time. Joy is a huge foodie and enjoys eating all kinds of food and desserts. In addition, she also enjoys visiting new restaurants, cafés, and bakeries. 

With her friends, Joy enjoys watching movies and playing board games. She and her friends enjoy traveling and they are currently planning to visit Europe once they graduate high school.

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