The Immune System

Perhaps one of the worst feelings in the world is waking up with a sniffle and realizing that you’re sick. Don’t you just want it to be over and to be … [Read more...]

Gel Electrophoresis

Recently in biology class we were conducting a lab to separate DNA strands in a mock police investigation. Through a fascinating process called gel … [Read more...]

Stem Cells

In biology class, we were talking about embryonic development and stem cells. Although, I knew a little bit about stem cells, it was surprising that … [Read more...]


Recently in my physics class, we were talking about satellites and their orbits. My teacher told us that there are many types of satellites and even … [Read more...]

Neural Networks: Artificial Brains

Recently, I was browsing through Youtube when I came across a strange video. It showed a game of Mario played perfectly. Mario hopped around the … [Read more...]

The Mysterious Origins of Life

In the beginning of Earth's history, the only type of life was simple, single-celled prokaryotes. Life stayed at this state for over 500 million … [Read more...]

October 4 Summary Blog Post

This week we took a look at the definition of an experiment and public perceptions of science. This was the last of the scientific reasoning section … [Read more...]

Who killed Kelly Mai?

A freak accident at Playstate, Vancouver, has claimed the life of one worker, and left another badly injured. Kelly Mai and Jan Schmidt, the staff … [Read more...]

Advancements in Plane Surveillance

In the latest episode of Radiolab, a science podcast, a discussion was held on the applications and implications of plane surveillance technology. … [Read more...]