Dr.Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard

When we were studying the development of organisms in my biology class, I began to wonder which scientists had made discoveries in the field that we … [Read more...]

Mendelian Genetics

In biology class, we've just begun our genetics unit, and so far it has been very interesting. What I have enjoyed most so far are genes. We've begun … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Parrots

Parrots are one of my favourite animals, they're intelligent, beautiful and can be faithful companions. I remember once when I was about 10, someone … [Read more...]

3 Cool Things People are Doing with 3D Printing

2 sessions ago, we covered 3D printing and I am obsessed with it. Creating something in 3D space is so cool. The first thing I've made is a pig and I … [Read more...]

Why are Cat’s Weird?

One of my most vivid memories of growing up is from when I was 5. I was at my great grandma's house and playing hide and seek with my brother. My … [Read more...]

How Cameras Work

Photography has always fascinated me due to its combining of art and science. The process that goes into capturing the perfect moment is both … [Read more...]

Most Wanted: Mercury

  BE WARNED  Mercury has a long history, scientists having found cinnabar (mercury's only known ore) dating back to 500 BCE in … [Read more...]

Lyuba, the Baby Mammoth

This summer I spent a week in Victoria with my grandparents. During this time, we went to the Royal British Columbia Museum and saw the mammoth … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Virtual Reality

One of the big things right now on YouTube is virtual reality (VR). From drawing to gaming, it’s everywhere. While browsing through my subscription … [Read more...]

The Technology Behind Modern Stop-Motion Animation

I love animation. They are my absolute favourite types videos to watch on YouTube and I find the process behind it fascinating. Personally, I have a … [Read more...]