Meteorology Is More Accurate Than You Think

Over the past few months, Vancouver’s winter weather has broken an array of snowfall records. We hardly even noticed it when the rest of Canada mocked … [Read more...]

Summary Blog Post: Feb 14 2017 (Mathematics Session 1)

This week, we had our very first math session at Future Science Leaders. With the help of four passionate mathematics fellows, we grappled with two … [Read more...]

Chimeras: Fiction To Fact

Humans have long been fascinated by the possibility of a chimera. The word originates from the name of a creature in Greek mythology - a … [Read more...]

Sickle Cell Trait: The Genetic “Disorder” That Saves Lives

Recently, I had a discussion in biology class about dominant and recessive traits, and how they affect changes in allele (different variations of the … [Read more...]

Archaea: Nature’s Oldest and Most Tolerant Organisms

Whenever I head outside this time of year, I notice that many species of animals are currently in the midst of preparing themselves for the coming … [Read more...]

Being Cold Just Might Give You a Cold

It’s October, which means cold season is in full swing. It seems like almost everyone around me has either just gotten over a cold, currently has one, … [Read more...]

Memory Champions: How Do They Do It?

This December, the World Memory Championships (WMC) will be hosting their 25th annual competition in Singapore. While I struggle just to memorize a … [Read more...]

Who Really Killed Kelly: It Wasn’t A Solo Effort

Group F: Alice Wang, Amalia Urloiu, Lincoln Yam Nightmaree Sykes via Youtube After analyzing all the evidence, our group found three of five … [Read more...]

CRISPR-Cas9: A Breakthrough in Genetic Engineering

I was casually enjoying a Fiber1 bar when I happened to glance at the ingredients list: Wheat Flour Bleached, Sugar… I almost lost interest, until a … [Read more...]