How to Save the Earth

  1. Climate change is a matter that affects everyone in many different ways which if we do not start to change our lifestyles will cause a large problem. For me, climate change always seemed like too large of the problem for one person to impact and it always seemed quite daunting, but anyone can help combat climate change with subtle changes and I will tell you the top ten easy changes that you can do to make our world a greener and happier place.
  2.      Meat is a major contributor to the amount of Methane (CO4) going into our environments. One cow releases anywhere in between 70 and 120 kg a year of methane. This may not seem like that much gas but Methane gas is about 23 times higher negative effects to the climate than CO2 which would mean that the Methane produced by a cow is equal to 2300 kg of CO2. As of 2014, there were about 1.5 billion cows which mean there is anywhere from 105000000000 kg to 180000000000 kg of Methane being added to our atmosphere a year. You could start to eat less beef and convert to much more eco-friendly meats such as chicken, as well cutting back on dairy products.
  3.      Vehicles have had a large impact on our environment because of their fuel and many people do not use them when they are always necessary. In 2014 26% of the total greenhouse gas emissions was from transportation which made it the second largest contributor of these gasses. If people would start to use bikes or walking to nearby places, or start to carpool and take public transit these numbers would decrease dramatically.
  4.      Thermostats allow to change the temperature in your house to make it more comfortable, but this luxury comes at a cost. When you change the heat or coolness it causes more energy to be needed and it uses almost half of all the energy used in one house. So instead of changing the thermostat try putting on a sweater if you are cold or open a window if you are too warm.
  5.      Water take a lot of water to warm so cutting back on the amount of water you use could help cut the amount of energy your household is using. You can cut back on hot water consumption by taking cold showers, which have a number of benefits other than just help with climate change, as well as doing laundry with cold water, and finally, you should always make sure your dishwasher is full before doing the dishes.
  6.      Many people do not recycle as much as they can so one very important thing for you to do is to make sure that you are recycling and composting as much as you can so those items do not end up in landfills. And did you know

    By NOAA’s GOES-East satellite via Wikimedia

    that you can save about 2,400
    of carbon dioxide a year by recycling half of the waste your household

  7.      Lights are also a large consumer of energy and tend to be left on when they are not needed so one thing you can do is make sure that all the lights are turned off when you are not in the room or use sunlight to light a room instead of using artificial light.
  8.      Green areas are constantly being replaced with infrastructure so you can help replace the plants being taken away by creating gardens, this can be as simple to planting a couple of flowers or you can do something large like planting some trees.
  9.      The type of light that you use can affect how much energy they need so something you could do is change them to a more energy efficient one. One type you can switch to are LEDs which are much more energy efficient than other light bulbs but they can cost a little more than other lights.
  10.      People waste many items by just throwing them out when the can be reused. What you can do is start to reuse for such as water bottles, instead of just buying plastic disposable ones get a reusable water bottle that you can use every day. You can also bring reusable bags with you to the grocery store so you don’t have to get plastic bags every time you go.
  11.   Even though one person can make an impact it will take more than just a few people to reverse the effects of climate change. This means that you need to inform others of what they can do to help the environment.


  1. I agree that its remarkably easy to feel powerless in the face of climate change. You have made several good suggestions to combat it at a personal level, and I like that you included the statistics of how big the impacts of one seemingly small thing/change is.
    A big chunk of the pollution that causes climate change is from industry/corporations, how can ordinary people address this fact to help save the earth?

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