Who Really Killed Kelly: It Wasn’t A Solo Effort

Group F: Alice Wang, Amalia Urloiu, Lincoln Yam

Nightmaree Sykes via Youtube

After analyzing all the evidence, our group found three of five suspects to have little to no incriminating evidence for Kelly’s death: Jan, Dylan, and Brandon. Here is why we believe them to be innocent:

Jan Schmidt:

We found that Jan had no incriminating evidence. The only instance in which his fingerprint was identified was on Coffee Cup #2, which had been thrown into the staff locker room garbage can, presumably after he had drank the coffee. Although his buccal swab picked up trace amounts of cashew, he could have simply had a sip of Kelly’s tampered coffee before they went on the ride. The chromatography test indicated that his pen wasn’t the one that was used to write the threatening note. The photos of other women in his wallet, his melodramatic “head-over-heels in love interview”, suggestive tweets, and “awkward romantic” message (saying he thought she was cute when she was mad) may say something about his persona as a flirt/womanizer, but we concluded that nothing really indicated that he had any sort of ill will towards Kelly.

Dylan Woo:

Our group decided that Dylan was not guilty of plotting Kelly’s death. He did not seem to be involved with the coffees or the cashew milk, given that his fingerprints did not show up on any of the cups and containers, and his buccal swab was entirely void of cashew, coffee, and milk. His tweets were only of a professional manner, and did not contain anything suspicious. Two of his fingerprints were found on the spray paint near the crash site, and gloves dirty with black paint were found in his locker, but we concluded that he was trying to cover up the wear and tear on the old axles to save money (instead of buying new ones). This was irresponsible and shady, but did not prove that he was trying to harm Kelly. He didn’t play a part in her real cause of death, which was anaphylactic shock, not impact from the rollercoaster.

Brandon Longmire:

We believe that Brandon is innocent because he was hardly even involved in the entire fiasco. In his interview, he said that he wondered why Kelly went on the ride with Jan, considering he was just going on shift. This means he wasn’t even at the scene of the crime. He did not show up in the fingerprint analysis at all, which makes sense, because he wasn’t there. His written interactions were completely normal, considering he was Kelly’s boyfriend: a celebratory message for their anniversary, and tweets complimenting her/caring for her health. Our group believed that his part in the incident could be summed up perfectly with one of his own tweets: “Where was I all day! Looks like I missed out :(“.

So who did it? We believe that it was a collaboration between Andrea and Steve. Here’s how we think the story played out:

Andrea Sadana and Steve Longmire, Our Investigator’s Interpretation:

Andrea is jealous that Kelly has gotten the promotion, and furious at the same time. She is fed up with having to do all of Kelly’s work (she says this on twitter and through text), while all Kelly does is flirt with boys. Andrea begins sending threatening messages to Kelly, both on paper and via text (chromatography proves that Andrea wrote the note, consistent with “something bad will happen” in the scrambled text). Not long after, Andrea devises a plan to bring her malicious words to life. Having been friends with Kelly since they were five, Andrea knows all about Kelly’s serious cashew allergy and the Epipen she always keeps close. Knowing that Steve also dislikes Kelly for weakening his bond with his brother Brandon (in his interview, Steve says he is glad Kelly has died and hopes he and Brandon can return to the good old times), she explains her vengeful plan to him.

Steve is tasked with buying the staff coffee (his fingerprints are found on all three coffee cups). Together, they sneak cashew milk into Kelly’s coffee (both Steve and Andrea’s fingerprints are found on the cup near the crash site, as well as on the cashew milk container). Believing that Kelly has her working Epipen, Andrea doesn’t intend on killing her long-time friend; she just wants to get back at her.

What Andrea doesn’t foresee, however, is the full extent of Steve’s motive and how strongly he wants his brother back. So strongly, in fact, that he will go as far as killing Kelly. As a medical student (mentioned in Dylan’s interview), Steve has full access to expired (faulty) Epipens. Since the lockers have no locks (tweeted by Andrea and Steve), it is easy for him to grab Kelly’s working Epipen from her locker, and switch it out. Andrea does not know what Steve has done (in her interview, she says that she didn’t want it to end like this). Although Andrea is more outwardly threatening to Kelly, as evidenced by the violent messages, she does not have the heart to kill her childhood friend.

Thus, Kelly’s coffee is “poisoned” and her Epipen is switched out for a defective one. Right before the ride, Kelly has her “poisoned coffee”, which explains Jan’s remark (in his interview) about her acting strange before the ride. Jan also takes a sip – probably some foolishly flirtatious attempt to swoon her. This explains why Jan’s buccal sample contains cashews, milk, and only a little coffee. Kelly’s buccal swab contains all three. Kelly tries to use her Epipen, but since Steve has switched it out for an expired one, it is completely ineffective and she dies of anaphylactic shock.

Steve is the ultimate cause of Kelly’s death – but why? Steve’s motive surpasses Andrea’s for many reasons. In his interview, Steve isn’t afraid to say that he thought Kelly was cheating on his brother, and that she was the obstacle in the way of he and Brandon going to university together. Twins often have a very close relationship, so it is not surprising that the thought of a cheater suppressing his brother’s potential, and hurting their relationship, would end up translating into a dramatic and fatal outcome.

Steve was also very sympathetic of Dylan, and realized that by ending Kelly’s (the Safety Manager) life, he brought a convenient end to Dylan’s problems. It’s even possible that the two people told each other of their crimes, which may be the reason that they defended each other so adamantly in their interviews. Steve’s job at Playstate (as mentioned in Dylan’s interview) paid for his medical school tuition. If Kelly, as Safety Manager, had discovered any issues, Dylan would not have enough money to pay for repairs, and Steve would be out of a job.

In the end, Andrea and Steve were both guilty of Kelly’s death. Andrea likely did not disclose any information against Steve in her interview, to prevent him from revealing her own original motives and landing herself in jail.

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