Mayhem at Playstate

On September 16th, a terrible accident occurred at Playstate amusement park when the Cyclotron Rollercoaster came off its rails. Two employees were on the coaster at the time, one suffering a broken arm, while the other died on the way to the hospital. While the cause of death might appear obvious, the coroner actually found that the employee, Kelly Mai, did not die due to complications from the crash. The cause of death was allergic anaphylaxis caused by exposure to cashews. What once seemed like a tragic accident, was actually cold blooded murder. After much investigation, it’s reasonable to say the murderer was the victim’s so-called friend, Andrea Sadana.

Kelly Mai, Victim(left) Andrea Sadana (right

Kelly Mai, Victim(left) Andrea Sadana (right)|Images via Power Point presentation


During the initial interviews, she stated that they had been best friends since the age of 5. However, this was the only time she seemed upset by Kelly’s death. The rest of the interview was spent with her casting blame onto everyone but herself for the roller coaster crash, even though she was the one operating it at the time. (It was unknown at this point that anaphylaxis had been the cause of death). Andrea’s reaction was strange, as it is a common symptom of grief to blame oneself for what happened. While everyone grieves differently, it was rather atypical for Andrea to show little guilt as the ride operator and as Kelly’s best friend.

A search of Kelly’s personal belongings showed that she had received two threatening messages. One was a text sent from Andrea’s phone asking why she had to keep covering for Kelly and warning that, “something bad” would happen if it continued. The other note was written on paper and placed in Kelly’s locker. The pen used to write the note matched the one found in Andrea’s locker. This helps to confirm Andreas motive. She had been complaining about how Kelly did not deserve the promotion that she received and that it should have been hers.

Chromatography(Ink) Test | Image via Basecamp

Chromatography(Ink) Test | Image via Basecamp

After gathering evidence, we came to the realisation of how Andrea committed this felony. Just before Kelly boarded the ride, Andrea gave her her Sunbucks coffee. Before Andrea did this though she added cashew milk, unbeknownst to Kelly. Fingerprint analysis showed that Andrea’s prints were on the cashew milk container found in the garbage. This was the only source of cashew at the scene. Her buccal swab confirmed that she had no traces of cashew milk in her mouth showing that there would be few legitimate reasons for her to have been touching the container. The only coffee cup found at the site also had Andrea’s fingerprints on it.  Andrea already switched Kelly’s good EpiPen (found in the staff room garbage) to an old expired EpiPen (found at the crash site) to make sure that there was no chance for survival. This was possible as the staff lockers had no locks on them, giving Andrea easy access to Kellys things.

There were a few pieces of evidence that appeared to contradict our story, but further investigation proved that they were merely a coincidence. One example was that Jan’s fingerprints were found on the cashew milk container, but his buccal swab confirmed that he had been drinking it, giving him reason to have his prints on. Another was that Steve’s prints were found on all the Sunbucks cup at the crime scene as well, and he had barely any coffee in his mouth according to the buccal swab. This could mean that he just had coffee earlier meaning not much was left in his system. He also had a receipt in his locker showing he purchased 3 Sunbucks coffees(the same number as those found at the crime scene), giving him a reason for his fingerprints to be on all them

Andrea Sadana had means, motive and opportunity to commit this murder and with all the evidence pointing at her, she can be the only perpetrator

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