Adrian Anderson; Ironman Down

October 3rd, 2015


As rookie detectives, Newton’s Pineapple (our team) has been provided with our very first case: the suspicious death of Ironman Canada, Adrian Anderson. Through reasoning and much meticulous effort, we have put together a worthy case accusing the family of Pierre Anderson, his wife Kathy Anderson, and his son Ethan Anderson for having poisoned Adrian Anderson two times, first with the usage of arsenic in Adrian’s coffee, and then later on with Amphetamines in Adrian’s race water. The report below is a result of our hard work and amateurish, though persevering conclusions.

We hope to have contributed to the final verdict of what is to come of Adrian’s tragic and unforeseen death.

~ Pineapples



Name: Adrian Kelvin Anderson

Height: 6’1

Weight: 84.6 kg

Age: 38 years old.

Sex: Male

Summary of events

  1. On Sunday, September 27th Adrian Anderson was pronounced dead at 2:13PM, thirteen kilometres from the finish line of triathlon (Ironman Canada)
  2. He was pronounced dead at scene.
  3. Adrian appeared to have a rash spread across his legs and legs, though reasons behind this rash had been unclear at site.
  4. A salivary fluid was found on Adrian’s forehead – An analysis of DNA had yet to be conducted.
  5. Reports claim the cause of his death was from myocardial infarction.

Evidence from scene:

  1. A series of messages from Adrian’s phone (found destroyed). One of which was a message from a restricted number.
  2. DNA samples of the spit on Adrian’s forehead and body, and on the gloves near the coffee pot from which Adrian drank.
  3. Four sources of possible of poison ingested by Adrian. (Coconut water, race water, coffee, and recovery patch)
  4. Fingerprint evidence. (Coconut water jug, water bottle, and gloves near coffee pot)
  5. 10 kilometres prior to his collapse “not only had he been not running straight, which is common at an ironman, but he was cheering for himself, like he had crossed the finish line,” says head paramedic, Donald Northland.


List of possible suspects

Our top suspects:

Our suspects are of the family of Pierre Anderson, Adrian’s brother, his wife Kathy Anderson, and their son, Ethan Anderson. Through much evidence compilation, eventual analysis and reasoning, we have come to the possible perturbing reality that Adrian’s very own family may as well be responsible for his tragic death during the Ironman Canada triathlon.

Pierre is our prime suspect of this case with the most focused and warped motivation towards his possible murder. As the older brother of Adrian, Pierre has once competed alongside Adrian in the triathlon, as a tradition carried from their teens and twenties. However, unlike Adrian who has just recently broken up with his girlfriend, Ivy, Pierre and his wife Kathy ultimately decided that the establishment of a family was more of a priority. This brought an end to Pierre’s triathlon career, though as his son is older, he has returned to the competition. In his interview, Pierre is described as having struggled to say positive things about Adrian. This, along with Kathy’s sympathy expressed through her eventual tweets essentially imply that Pierre has retained negative feelings, such that of jealousy for Adrian, as he managed to live the life Pierre originally dreamed of, and thus couldn’t achieve.

Kathy, on the other hand, we believe to be mildly influenced by her husband and son, and therefore holds a grudge towards Adrian. Referring both tweets and her interview, Kathy believes Adrian to be a troublemaker and selfish towards family matters. She also inadvertently blames Adrian for all their problems, whether it being upon selling the building or making time for family.

Our third suspect, Ethan is what we would like to consider a feasible affiliate, or maybe even an ignorant third party. Ethan is a hardworking high school student one year from graduation. He currently works at Adrian’s store, Get Juiced. Both him and his parents are expecting him to delve into the business world once he graduates, meaning he will inherently benefit from the selling of the Lee building. He and Adrian appear to have a close relationship despite his parents – with who Adrian is not on very good terms with. They have even established a secret language they have used to communicate since Ethan was little. Though this gives very little reason to his possible motive to murder his beloved uncle, the evidence we later deciphered proves otherwise.



Four sets of evidence were collected both from the scene and from the events thought to lead up to the murder. One were messages, all written in a cryptic manner found in Adrian’s destroyed phone to be decoded, another were DNA samples to be analyzed, the third, four possible sources of poison sent to the toxicology lab for pH levels, and lastly, a set of fingerprints to be matched. With the conclusion of all four tests, we were able to eliminate many of the suggested suspects and focus on a few.

Phone Messages:

Message one was labeled from Ethan to Adrian, and written in what we assume to be the two’s secret language. The message was merely scrambled letters that revealed to have read “can we meet for coffee? I need to talk.” This links one of our three suspects (and possibly an oblivious helper) Ethan to the coffee. The second message was from a restricted number and also concealed. We eventually deduced to have said, “I know your secret. You’re not getting away with this so you better…” Now, this struck us as controversial and against Adrian’s own murder, as the anonymous individual who had sent the message must’ve entailed Adrian had a secret. Even as we still have no clue from who the message derived from, we believe the “secret” to be related to Adrian and the selling of his partially owned, Lee building.



DNA samples were collected from two places, one of which was from the spit on Adrian’s forehead, and another from the gloves near the Coffee pot containing the coffee Adrian drank from. Through electrophoresis, we were able to conclude the spit on Adrian’s head belonging to his brother Pierre, and the gloves having been touched by Wilson, the agreeable owner of “Park it” in the Lee building. This lead us to assume that it was Pierre who had spit on Adrian’s head, and Wilson who had brewed the coffee that Adrian drank. Another thing we deduced about the spit, was that in no way would Pierre have been able to spit on Adrian’s head while they were competing in the triathlon, therefore it would have been after he’d collapsed shortly after he died. The coffee on the other hand pointed fingers at Wilson, to which we were convinced for a while, before we connected the coffee at Wilson’s store, to Ethan’s coffee meeting with Adrian.



Toxicology Labs:

Coconut water (used to make Adrian’s juice for the last seven days at Get Juiced), race water (found in the last water bottle Adrian used during the race), coffee (retrieved from the coffee pot at Park it), and the recovery patch (Adrian had used recently, given to him by Ivy) were the samples we received.

We came to the first set of conclusions:

The coconut water had a pH level of 9, which, when compared to the chart matched no poison.

The recovery patch had a pH of 12, which also meant it retained no poison.

The coffee was tested with a pH of 2, which lead us into concluding there had arsenic. However, arsenic’s symptoms did not match that of Adrian. (arsenic is a long term effect poison, not immediate). But the sheer fact that arsenic was present in the coffee brings up a large question of suspicion.

The race water was found with a pH of 7, which narrowed its possibilities down to Amphetamine or Mercury, however when we matched the symptoms – hallucinations Adrian likely experienced during the last ten kilometres of his race and the rashes on his body we settled were possible allergic reactions – we decided that the poison in the race water was Amphetamine.

This lead to the last test: the fingerprint evidence analysis.


Sets of three fingerprints were collected from the coconut water jug, the water bottle, and the gloves near the coffee pot.

Coconut water jug:

  1. Adrian
  2. Pierre
  3. Kevin

But concluding that the coconut water did not contain any poison, these results were futile. (IMPORTANT: Ethan, who worked at Get Juiced, did not have fingerprints on the coconut water jug, implying that he worked with gloves)

Water bottle:

  1. Adrian
  2. Kathy
  3. Ethan

Because of the likelihood that race water had poisoned Adrian, we limited our suspects to the two fingerprints above besides that of Adrian. We also noted that Kathy and Ethan’s fingerprints were both much fainter than Adrian’s own. This proved a correlation from the poisoned water to Kathy and Ethan. (Kathy’s fingerprint, though faint had a diagonal line running through.)

Gloves near coffee pot:

  1. Wilson

This only ever enforces the previous idea that the coffee had come from his store. (But also implies that Ethan’s finger prints were not found on the coffee glove, meaning he had been wearing gloves as well)


Plausible Scenario:

According to the aforementioned evidence, there were two sets of plans to kill Adrian Anderson, both of which were initiated and carried out by our three suspects: Pierre, Kathy, and Adrian.

Plan B: Beginning with the phone message, Ethan and Adrian likely went out for coffee. Ethan must have come directly from his work at Get Juiced, where he plausibly wore gloves to keep the sanitation. Keeping his gloves on, Ethan visited Wilson’s store, “Park it”, where he had gotten the coffee for his and Adrian’s meeting, and afterwards, added a notable amount of arsenic to Adrian’s coffee. This was what we assume to be the backup plan in case their main plan involving the race water failed to come into effect.

Plan A: With the race water, we believe it to be Kathy and Ethan (because Pierre was also competing) who had somehow added the to the Amphetamine to the water before handing it to Adrian to drink and attempted to wipe away their own fingerprints, thus killing Adrian before the race had ended. Our evidence falls into place from there – from the hallucinations to the collapse and to the myocardial infarction that caused his death, it is it is absolutely certain Kathy and Ethan had a connection to the poison, as their fingerprints were the only ones found. Now, the spit on Adrian’s forehead was Pierre’s as we’d tested and concluded. We’ve also ruled the possibility Pierre could have spit on Adrian’s head when he was running, so he must’ve done it after Adrian had fallen down. And if Pierre reacted in such (a violent and uncanny) way after his own brother’s collapse and hazard, it must mean that he knew that the death was going to happen and expected it, and perhaps planned it.


Controversial Evidence:

  1. Wilson’s coffee:

One hole in the evidence we found was that why was the coffee from Wilson’s store rather than an actual coffee store? And also, why was there so much evidence around the coffee and revolving around Wilson if there is no reason for him to be suspected?

  1. Ethan’s motivation:

Ethan currently has no feasible motivation towards killing Adrian, his beloved uncle whom he was said to be close to. This persists that he might’ve not known he was taking part in Adrian’s murder at all, except evidence isn’t sufficient enough to prove anything.

  1. Lack of Pierre’s evidence on poisons:

If Pierre was so motivated, and our accusation of him is correct, then why is it that only his wife and son’s evidence was found on the poisons? And also, was the spit a strong enough connection of Pierre to the murder?

4. The entire crew that had been dealing with and pressuring Adrian to sell the building:

All the other suspects – all those connected to Adrian though not in blood-relation (except for Aimee), were they not involved in the murder at all? If not, how and why was the selling of the building so quick and fluent, as if it had been planned?

  1. Adrian’s secret:

What exactly was Adrian’s secret, and who had found out? With the disclosure of this knowledge, will our accusations have changed drastically?


Through our extensive thoughts and connections, evidence analysis, and teamwork, we have worked out what we believe to be a primarily evidence-supported, plausible conclusion. Our group believes that Pierre Anderson, Kathy Anderson, and Ethan Anderson should be charged with second degree murder of 38 year old Adrian Anderson, Pierre’s very own brother. However, we remain humble and inconclusive to our reasoning, and find it reasonable to further investigate this case to avoid false accusations. We hope to revisit this case once the phone message from a restricted phone number is identified and when the selling of the building continues in order to fully prove the murder. There also exists the possibility of other suspects (not related to any evidence) that assisted in the fulfillment of this murder.

Newton’s Pineapples have expressed our say and opinion.

Now, how about yours?



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