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Greetings human beings,

Of all the millions of pages on the internet, you happen to have stumbled upon ours, for which we would like to thank you. Your probably asking yourself, who is this “we”?

Emma (with two ‘M’s), Matthew (with two ‘T’s) and Julia (with an invisible second ‘L’), students in the Future Science Leaders program at Science world. Although you have read three names, we strive collectively to expose our scientific thoughts and opinions regarding anything and everything around us, in the hopes of not only educating and entertaining, but also providing new perspectives that may influence your day-to-day life. But before getting into the more interesting content, here are a few things about each of us.



Hi, I’m Emma and I am a grade 11 student at McMath Secondary.  Three of the things I enjoy most are sports, music and science, and somehow I’ve found a way to incorporate all three into my life.  I have been playing the viola since I was four years old and I still love playing as much as I did when I was younger! I also play soccer competitively, as well as field hockey and during the winter, I ski.  I have always had an interest in science and I really enjoy finding and figuring out how things work and why they work the way the y do.  In the future, I’d like to study cognitive neuroscience, as I am interested in cognition and how the brain processes things.  In my spare time, I also enjoy reading and baking.


Matthew Cao:

My name is Matthew Cao.  I am currently a Gr. 10 student who is attending Burnaby North Secondary School in Burnaby, BC. Led by my unrelenting curiosity, I aspire to be a scientist whose goal is to decipher the many mysteries of the universe, from the elusive neutrinos to the human DNA. Although I am profoundly interested in all fields of science, I have particular interest with physics, genetics, and biochemistry. I hope to apply my knowledge and skills in a way that could make a favourable impact on society. With these objectives in mind, I recently joined the Future Science Leader’s program, which I believe could further aid me in my endeavors.  Apart from my strong passion in science, I am also interested in music (classical in particular); I am currently finishing my performer’s diploma in piano, and play the flute in my school band. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano, reading books, researching, performing science experiments, as well as painting.  Presently, I am involved in creating science blogs as part of my Future Science Leaders program.


Julia Handra

“Normal is overrated”, the words which I live by. Ranging from my tastes in music that are reviewed as melancholic, chill, psychedelic or simply bizarre, to my left winged alternative and futuristic political views, or how I occasionally like to paint my shoes, my tendencies could be considered as unique. I believe that the young minds in our society should passionately explore and discover our universe without a grade intensive, which is what I hope to accomplish. Curiosity has driven me my whole life towards a path in science, but in recent years I have been particularly intrigued by the human brain. I hope to gain as much knowledge and experience in neurology as possible, to unlock the mysteries of our own minds. In my spare time, I play volleyball and I try “artsy” projects, which usually involve a lot of paint, mason jars, fine liners, old cameras and an excessive does of imagination. I am a national level debater, and at school I’m involved with a variety of clubs concerning humanitarian issues, mental illness, philosophy and of course, environmental activism. I’m not scared of dying because I believe that one can stay alive through the memories of others, so among the great things that I hope to accomplish, I’d like to be remembered for my love of rainy days and mochas.

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