The Murder of Lovdeep Citrine

It is incredibly easy to get away with something when you put the blame on someone else. Based on his multiple motives that could have driven to murder his own father, Christopher Citrine would seem like the perfect suspect, however the evidence that would lead us to this conclusion is not present . We are accusing Yoyo Champagne (with the assistance of Austin Khaki) for not only murdering Lovdeep Citrine, but for attempting to frame Christopher Citrine as well.

In this case, we insist that Lovedeep’s death did not occur in the plane bathroom, but in his favorite restaurant FSL instead. Lovdeep always eats there for important events in his life, even though it is a place where he is surrounded by hate. The owner of the restaurant, Austin Khaki, resents Lovgood for killing his wife in a drunk driving accident. Having the perfect access to Lovgood’s food, he allowed Yoyo (a business rival of Lovgood) to poison his meal with arsenic and rat poison. We suspect that these two must have some sort of connection since their businesses are right beside each other. Yoyo then dumped the excess arsenic in her bamboos as a way to diminish  the evidence. When Lovdeep was aware of what was happening, he made a distress call at 1:22 and was murdered shortly after, leaving a huge mess in the restaurant’s bathroom which Yoyo cleaned using drain cleaner. Evidence of her finger prints was found o the scene in gloves, and the floor in the bathroom looked smudged as if someone had been cleaning a mess.  In order  to mask the crime, Lovdeep was taken to his plane, where a violent scene was recreated and Christohper’s blood was left to make him a suspect.

Christopher Citrine

Christopher Citrine has a solid list of motives in wishing to kill Lovdeep, which sets him as the perfect person to blame.


  • Based on the fact that Christopher named his company (Solid Grey) the exact opposite of his father’s (Flying Colours)  we can see that the two have very different mentalities, which could have built musch tension and conflict.
  • As written in the news article, Lovedeep bought his son’s internet company, Solid Grey. After his father forced him out, Christopher had to start inconveniently working as a mechanic. Lovedeep completely ruined the career Christopher worked hard for, which could spark a lot of hatred.
  • Lovedeep mistreated his first wife, Mulan, (a claim made by his daughter Alice, and quoted in a tweet) which leads to an unstable environment for Christopher to grow up in, pushing closer to violent and dangerous actions to stop the abuser.
  • Christopher was left broken-hearted when his (ex) girlfriend Carol Magenta left him for Lovedeep, and then proceeded by getting married to his father, exposed in a Tweet by Regina George. This betrayal could have driven Christopher to seek revenge on his father for stealing his love.
  • Christopher has no positive emotions for his father. In an interview he even apathetically stated “[Lovedeep] wasn’t a big part of my life so I don’t think that I’ll miss him.” It is his indifference to his father that could allow him to murder Lovedeep without much trouble nor guilt, making him quite suitable to murder Lovedeep.


Knowing that Christopher is very easy to frame based on his history, Yoyo only had to implant a small piece of evidence to delude the audience into believing  that Lovdeep was killed by his son.
A drop of blood was found on Lovdeep’s plane, when the DNA had been examined 6 of the loci matched Christopher. This however isn’t enough to confirm his presence. However, the fact that the DNA sample from the blood drop was damaged proposes that it could have been displaced over a longer period of time. This leads to believing that it was unnaturally and purposely implanted there. In addition, there was a few blood drops near the airplane door which was unrelated to Lovdeep, suggesting that someone else must have been part of the scene.



Yoyo Champagne

Another accomplice in the murder of Lovdeep Citrine was Yoyo Champagne, the owner of rival airline Skylette. In this case, she made an attempted murder by means of poisoning.


  •  Yoyo owned Skylette, the rival airline to Flying Colours.  Flying Colours and Skylette were fierce competitors,  and Yoyo was not able to attract nearly as much press nor customers as Lovdeep (as per the newspaper article).  This could have caused Yoyo to be very jealous of Lovdeep and his success.
  • Yoyo did not think that Lovdeep operated his business with integrity.  As reported by the preliminary interviews, Yoyo publicly stated that Lovdeep had bribed Canadian politicians in order to make Flying Colours Canada’s airline.  Lovdeep’s lack of integrity may have angered Yoyo as Skylette might’ve become Canada’s airline had it  not been for Flying Colours.
  • Lovdeep seemed to be killed before he had the time to make the announcement of having his Flying Colours Airline as the national airline. Perhaps this was intercepted by Yoyo to prevent such from happening.


Yoyo’s fingerprints were found on a vial of arsenic as well as on a pair of gloves near the drain cleaner at FSL restaurant. In addition, the content of Lovdeep’s stomach was analyzed and both the arsenic and his stomach contents have the same garlic smell. In addition, since poisoning from arsenic is experienced almost instantly, it would had been logical to use this as a method to kill Lovdeep.  Yoyo’s fingerprints and Lovdeep’s symptoms prove that Yoyo helped to poison Lovdeep at the restaurant. We suspect that the poison was somehow delivered by the help of either Austin or Mulan, and the rest is poured out into her bamboos as a way to ruin the evidence; Christina Vert stated in an interview that Yoyo had at one point sprayed her bamboos with human poisons (the arsenic) as a supposed attempt to take care of those “invasive” bamboos, which is highly suspicious. Yoyo may have connections with those two members of FSL because they all equally despise Lovdeep, and work near each other; in fact, just across the streets.

Austin Khaki:

Motives :

-Austin’s wife, Jennifer, was killed by Lovgood in a drunk driving accident, providing a perfect motive for vengeance. Austin himself admitted to hating Lovgood in an interview and clearly finds having this man in his restaurant insufferable.



Having full control of the restaurant, Austin has the perfect access to his customer’s plates, including Lovdeep’s. Knowing Yoyo from next door he allowed her to come into the kithen, mix the arsenic in his kitchen (traces of arsenic were found in a flour mixing bowl) and then dump the rest of the arsenic on her baboos. He knew they could use the arsenic as an excuse to say that she was trying to get rid of her plants. However if Yoyo (whose finger prints were found on an arsenic vial in FSL) truly was using the arsenic with the sole purpose of exterminating her plants, she wouldn’t have needed to use a mixing bowl or Austin’s kitchen.

Further Speculation:

Both Austin’s and Mulan’s fingerprints  were found on the rat poison, and according to the coroner’s report, Lovdeep had spontaneous bruising, haematoma formation and frank haemorrhage, especially from the genitourinary and gastrointestinal tracts, which is somewhat consistent with the rat poisoning. However, the effects of rat poisoning is not usually experienced  until a few days had passed, so Austin or Mulan may have inserted rat poison into the food a few days before. It is currently not clear which one of them inserted the rat poison, but Austin may be a more likely candidate due to what he stated at the interview: since he was terrified of rats, his “staff” places poison around the perimeter of the restaurant two times per week. Since it is only his staff which does this job, Austin should not have had his fingerprints on the rat poison. Based on this conclusion, we are suspecting that Austin is hiding the truth during the interview. Perhaps he did actually insert some rat poison onto Lovdeep’s food, or maybe even in his drink.


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3 thoughts on “The Murder of Lovdeep Citrine

  1. Wasn’t the DNA at the crime scene damaged? Only 6 loci matched Christopher – and 8 were too degraded to examine – a defense lawyer can raise all kinds of questions about that piece of evidence. If you take away the DNA, how strong is your case?

  2. Yes, the stomach contents smelled of garlic, but could this not have been caused, by something else, such as garlic. Was there a thorough investigation of the contents to determine if there was indeed garlic in the contents?
    Getting arsenic from the Bamboo to the Lovdeeps stomach is a feat. Why would Lovdeep have consumed the Bamboo? Could anyone else have had access to the arsenic? Would an expert witness really testify that arsenic causes haemorrhages or is that a major symptom of something else found in the stomach contents?
    The data analysis of the contents also revealed 4-hydroxycoumarin (Rat Poison) by TLC analysis.

  3. Good job on providing a detailed analysis and thought process! Although symptoms such as spontaneous bruising correlate with those of rat poison, according to WHO, does rat poison induce metabolic acidosis or liver damage after a certain period? Your “Further Speculation” section will be much more convincing if you inserted the reference supporting the correlation.

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