Christopher Cistrine Charger with the Murder of Flying Colours CEO

This week in FSL, we were given the chance to investigate a murder case. We were given evidence before having to come up with our own conclusions.

Our group, Eng-Phys would like to charge Christopher Cistrine with the murder of Lovdeep Cistrine. Christopher is this son of Lovdeep and his ex-wife, Mulan Vermillion.

Lovdeep, CEO of the airline Flying Colours, was found dead in a new Flying Colours 777 plane washroom. He was killed by a piece of broken mirror and the coroner reported the cause of death as exsanguination (severe loss of blood). Whoever killed Lovdeep had gotten a cut on their hand who then tried to hide it by destroying the evidence with bleach. The fact that the killer went through the trouble of putting bleach on the bathroom floor, proves that his blood was there. Luckily, some of the DNA strands with left unscathed. Christopher not only had a cut on his hand, but his DNA also matched the blood at the crime scene. Since the partial DNA didn’t match anyone else in the family and the airplane Lovdeep was killed on “was brand new and had never had commercial passengers on board,” Christopher was the one involved in the murder of his father.

Christopher Cistrine had many motives to kill his father, and he didn’t seem too troubled by the death of Lovdeep. In an interview, he said, “He wasn’t a big part of my life so I don’t think I’ll miss him.” Christopher had many reasons to be angry at his father. Lovdeep “bought his internet company and forced his out,” and he doesn’t seem to like his new job, describing it as “stupid.”

Furthermore, according to a tweet by the town gossip, Christina Vert, “Christopher dated Carol before she married his father.” She says they met at Christopher’s 25th birthday. His father marrying his ex-girlfriend after divorcing his mother may have pushed Christopher off the edge.

Lovdeep didn’t have a good relationship with his daughters either, proving that he wasn’t a good father. One of his daughters, Jastina, who was angry at Lovdeep even after his death “Dad liked having a screw-up daughter. Now that Alice is improving, he decided that I should be a screw-up.” She is also angry at him because of not implementing “some of the environment-saving techniques in his business.” According to a tweet, his other daughters, Alice, “publicly yelled at her dad about how he should have treated her mom, Mulan, better”. Alice is currently in therapy because of her anger towards her father. In an interview she said, “my anger at Dad pushed me to do damaging things.” But, in the same interview, Alice also mentions that her dad “was flawed, but still a good guy.” Despite this change in her behaviour and attitude towards her father, their past conflicts show that he didn’t have a good relationship with either of his daughters. The same could be said for his son.



  • “Apathetic about dad’s death” -> “He wasn’t a big part of my life so I don’t think I’ll  miss him”
  • “His dad bought his internet company and forced him out”; Doesn’t like new job as a mechanic; described it as “stupid”
  • According to a tweet by the town gossip, Christina Vert, “Christopher dated Carol before she married her father” She says they met at Christopher’s 25th birthday.


  • Cut on hand
  • DNA- the sections that haven’t been degraded match Chris. Used bleach to destroy evidence, proves his blood spilled on the bathroom floor. No one else’s blood was there. Blood didn’t match anyone else in the family.  “The airline was brand new and had never had commercial passengers on board.”

Why it isn’t anyone else:

  • Mulan Vermillion: had no cuts on her hands.
  • Leal Fuschia: was in negotiations to return to the airline. Why would he kill Lovdeep before he got back to the company?
  • Alice Violet: was reconnecting with her father
  • Jastina Citrine: had no evidence pointing her way
  • Carol Magenta: a fight must have happened in the airplane lavatory. She was pregnant, getting in a fight would have led to a miscarriage
  • Austin Khaki: never had any real evidence his wife’s death. Why take the risk for something you’re not sure of? His restaurant also comes first. Now that his wife is gone, his restaurant is his number one priority.
  • Yoyo Champagne: she was against a small bribery case, how would she be content with a murder case?
  • Adrain Buff: has an alibi. He was teaching a private session at the time of the murder.

4 thoughts on “Christopher Cistrine Charger with the Murder of Flying Colours CEO

  1. Wasn’t the DNA at the crime scene damaged? Only 6 loci matched – and 8 were too degraded to examine – a defense lawyer can raise all kinds of questions about that piece of evidence. If you take away the DNA, how strong is your case?

  2. Is there nothing else fishy about this murder?
    There was 4-hydroxycoumarin (rat poison) found in the stomach contents, and in nearby locations. The stomach contents smelt garlicky a smell often associated with arsenic poisoning. Why was Lovdeep unable to fight off his attacker and why was it commented upon that there was a lot of blood?

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  4. Good summary! Was the exsanguination due to stabbing only? What about poisons? Is it fair to accuse Christopher and not suspect others based on relationships and interviews?

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