3 most influential innovations that get overlooked

1. Microbial fuel cells From the spark of the idea from M.C Potter to the first prototype made by Scientists at the University of Queensland … [Read more...]

April 8th, 2017 Summary Blog Post

This Tuesday was our second chemistry session. We started off by measuring the pH of the soap we made from the last session. Once we made sure that … [Read more...]


As we get closer and closer to Spring Break, I can’t help but dream about the day that I can finally rest. As a result, I’ve found myself to … [Read more...]

Democritus and the First Atomic Theory

It’s interesting how as humans we seem to need to find verification of our ideas by dating them back as far as we possibly can. It seems that as years … [Read more...]

Summary Post February 7th

This Tuesday we had our another session discovering another growing field of technologies. We specifically learned and saw what 3D printing was all … [Read more...]

Natural Selection

Natural selection is the process in which organisms evolve their phenotype (physical characteristics) in order to adjust to their environment. It is … [Read more...]

Oct 25th Session Summary Post

Couple things that we learn this week: l  DNA structure l  RNA structure l  Connection between DNA, RNA, and protein l  Mitosis and … [Read more...]

My SAP experience

On Tuesday this week we had our field trip to SAP Software Company. I had never been inside a software company before so this experience for me was … [Read more...]

Suspicious Steve: FSL Crime Investigation

By: Elena Frie, Rebecca Baron and Jason Jin   Vancouver’s very popular Playstate struck tragedy on September 26 when the Cyclotrone roller … [Read more...]

My Journey Here

Jason Jin Science:General Sep.18,2016 FSL- My Journey here and Thoughts So Far So far, my experience at Future Science Leaders has been a very … [Read more...]