3 most influential innovations that get overlooked

1. Microbial fuel cells From the spark of the idea from M.C Potter to the first prototype made by Scientists at the University of Queensland … [Read more...]

Why Placenta is so Awesome!

When you hear placenta you think of the gross fleshy sack that an embryo sits in while its developing.  But before we get into that let's explain what … [Read more...]

An Undersea Punch

Jason Jin Packing a Punch! So yesterday during science class, my teacher was doing a slide show presentation on an intro to grade ten biology. … [Read more...]

Girl or boy?

Genetics is the scientific study of genes and heredity. When a baby is being made through sexual reproduction, the process of meiosis is … [Read more...]

Origin of Cells

The origin of life. Sometimes I think of how organisms such as human beings came about. All we know is that human beings are naturally produced by … [Read more...]

Heart attacks are more likely to happen on Monday

Disease is one the most common difficulties that human need to face to. Heart break is one high risk disease but there is a higher chance to happen. … [Read more...]

Is the Therapeutic use of stem cells ethical?

  Have you ever thought about how everyone walking around you, was once just a little stem cell? I guess not, unless you have the mind of a … [Read more...]

Is spring a good season for dating

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Brain Myths

A common myth has been circulating the scientific community over the past few years: humans are unable to maximize their entire brain capacity. It is … [Read more...]

The Science Behind Aging

When I was young, I never understood the concept of death. I knew it was something that existed and something bad that could happen to people of an … [Read more...]