Iron Man’s Inertia Immunity

How does Tony Stark, Iron Man, fly? Of course there are rockets and thrusters involved, but that's not quite what I mean. What I am referring to is … [Read more...]

The Power of Superman’s Heat Vision

Everyone knows how super Superman is. Superman’s immense strength would allow him to punch a hole through any human, but he never does. Or Superman … [Read more...]

Summary Post February 21st

This Tuesday we had our second of the three Math sessions. Similar to last week, we worked on a few worksheets; however, the questions on these … [Read more...]

What if Captain America fought you?

In preparation for this year’s plethora of superhero movies, I decided to re-watch all of Marvel’s greatest hits. After hours of binge watched, I came … [Read more...]

The Scientific Cheat Code in Bottle Ballistics

One of the biggest trends of 2016 was the water bottle flip challenge, and almost everyone was trying their hand at it. But, there is much more to it … [Read more...]

What happens when a meteorite hits the Earth?

Imagine a 100,000 ton space rock—a meteorite with the weight of two Titanic’s. Imagine this meteorite having a diameter of only 30 meters, the length … [Read more...]

What Would Happen If You Were Ant-Man?

With the recent release of Marvel Comics’ hit movie Dr. Strange, I decided that I would catch up on all of their hit movies thus far. After hours of … [Read more...]

What If Humans Were Giants?

I have recently watched the movie The BFG, and I have decided that I want to become a giant—naturally. But, before I begin the transformation, let’s … [Read more...]

Who do you accuse of killing Kelly Mai?

Navreen, Alan and Justin On September 16, 2016, a very unfortunate accident occurred at Vancouver’s Playstate. When the roller coaster crashed, there … [Read more...]

DuoSkin: The On-Skin User Interface

With everyday technologies becoming smaller than ever, we can now embed them into fabrics, wear them as accessories, or even directly attach them to … [Read more...]